Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wednesday, June 13 - Curtis Yee

I was really smokin' on Curtis Yee's Wednesday puzzle, or so it seemed.

Three long acrosses for the theme answers...

17A: Scrap the original strategy (go to plan B)

30A: Loop looper (the Chicago L)

49A: Muscle shirt, e.g. (sleeveless T)

...wrapped up cleverly with 66A: What the ends of 17-, 30-, and 49-Across spell (deli order).

The only problem was, I originally had 17 across as Rethink it--a perfectly good wrong answer. It even fit with the clever 3D: On empty (out of gas). But that was about as far as I could go with the downs (not to mention that the theme didn't make any sense). So I had to go to plan B.

The BLT was just one item in this veritable feast (24A: Big spread). We also had 19A: Party spread (pates), 11D: Ballpark buy (hot dog), and 40D: Spicy bowlful (salsa dip). Somewhat connected to this mini-theme were 49D: Cooks, in a way (steams) and 13D: Use again, as a Ziploc bag (reseal).

There's also a Spanish mini-theme going on in the grid. Uno and dos appear at 29 and 28 D (clued as adding up to tres). 26A: Mrs., in Madrid (Sra.) and 41D: 2007, por ejemplo (año) round it out.

Some lively fill to spice things up:

33A: Restrained (on a leash)

46A: Metropolis figure (Lois Lane). Yes, I had Superman first. Who didn't?

38D: "Who's on first?" asker (Costello).

50D: Stay out of sight (lie low)

51D: Call for more (encore)

and my favorite...44D: Curse, of sorts (evil eye).

I am totally exhausted, so it's time to head for bed, although we don't have a Serta (57A: Mattress giant). It's a Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort (I'm a 45), and it's calling me. Good night.

Linda G

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