Monday, June 4, 2007

Tuesday, June 5 - Barry C. Silk

The long ride home from Denver must have taken a toll on me. I struggled through Barry Silk's Tuesday puzzle, although I did manage to finish.

The theme was revealed at 38A: 1964 #1 hit by the Shangri-Las...or this puzzle's theme (Leader of the Pack). I sang along with it, but it was never a favorite of mine. The theme answers, all clued as "38-Across, in a sense," are:

18A: Ace of Spades.

28A: Alpha Male. My personal favorite. We have two male dogs. When they get territorial, we remind them that Don is the alpha male, not either of them.

45A: Den Mother.

59A: Marlboro Man. My least mother and too many friends died as a result of smoking. I remember the Marlboro ads well--they were intended to make filtered cigarettes seem less feminine. Apparently nothing said MAN like a cowboy. Two of the men who depicted him died of lung cancer. You can read more about it here. Of special interest...The Marlboro Man was listed on USA Today's list of Imaginary Luminaries: the 101 most influential people who never lived.

Leader of the Pack and Marlboro Man weren't the only answers from the sixties. Others were:

14A: Actor Gulager (Clu). I had a major crush on him. I think he played on The Virginian.

57A: "Uncle" of old TV (Miltie). That's Milton Berle, for those who don't know him.

5D: One-named singer for the 1960s Velvet Underground (Nico). Did not know this, but got it from the crosses.

10D: "Little" '60s singer (Eva).

55D: Guthrie who sang about Alice (Arlo).

58D: "Mockingbird" singer Foxx, 1963 (Inez).

I guess I could also include 2D: Friend since high school, say (old pal), since that was also in the sixties.

That's quite a blast from the past.

I'm finally wise to the time clues--they used to throw me, but not any more. 9A: Morning hour (ten am).

If 24A: Secular (laic) isn't in the Pantheon, it should be. It's been in several puzzles in the last couple of months. Other words making a reappearance include:

35A: Verdi aria (Eri tu)

52A: Five-star (A-one)

65A: Being of service (utile)

69A: Tibetan beast (yak)

29D: War god on Olympus (Ares)

37D: Prefix with space (aero)

There were probably an equal number of words that I don't recall ever having seen in a puzzle.

16A: Throat dangler (uvula). That has to be one of the funniest looking words.

42A: Excite (arouse). This is when I realized how tired I was. I had everything except the O and couldn't see the word. It didn't help that I completely spaced on 40D: Gmail alternative (AOL).

43A: Italian flowers (fiori). Conversely, it looks and sounds beautiful.

Was happy to see 11D: Hosiery shade (nude), only because that clue is typically used for ecru. I have never even seen ecru hose and would never wear them, although I would never wear nude hose either. Gimme a little color.

The English-major-shoulda-been in me liked seeing 36D: Often-misused pronoun (whom). I also liked 54D: Categorical imperative philosopher (Kant). I remember very little from Philosophy, which I foolishly took as an honors class, but I remember Kant. I hope you're reading this, Dr. Matchett.

The cortisone shot is beginning to do its magic. I have more movement in my left arm than I've had in six months. I'll start physical therapy next Monday. I hope that one shot will do it and that I can avoid surgery, but only time will tell.

It's time to think about getting ready for bed. Tomorrow...

Linda G


Orange said...

The Velvet Underground and Nico album is the one with the Warhol banana on the cover—a classic. I think it may have been a graduation requirement at my college to have the album or a tape of it. Mind you, I was seven months old when the album came out—like I said, it's a classic.

Linda G said...

Never heard of Nico, or the Velvet Underground, or the album with the Warhol banana. Where was I? I mean, I know why I don't remember much from the seventies...

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, glad to hear your shoulder pain is so much better! Well, I have to admit that I probably wore ECRU hosiery a few times during my "fashion plate" years. Yeeeek! Now I try to avoid them (pantyhose) at all costs! Funny you should mention The Virginian. I spent the day in the reading room of the Wyoming State American Heritage Center, and while waiting for my requested materials to be pulled, I checked out an interesting display on Owen Wister -- mostly photographs, but also the desk where he kept his 15 travel diaries, including the one upon which he based his novel, The Virginian, described as "the prototypical Western novel". My undergraduate student assistant, born and raised in Wyoming, had never heard of the book, or the 4 movies, or the 60's era TV series! Boy, do I feel old....

Anonymous said...

Linda: I finally stopped by here the other day and just wanted to say that you do a great commentary! I like the "down home" friendly feel that you create here. You have a natural ability to encourage and bring people together -- even through a blog. Great job!!

Glad you had a good trip and hope your shoulder gets feeling better!

Oh -- I had the Velvet Undergroud album -- many years after it came out....didn't remember Nico though.

Is that the one that "Femme Fatale" was on? Think so.

I'd sing it to you but....naw~

Linda G said...

rock rabbit, I'm with you on the feeling old stuff. Where did the last 40 years go?

kitt, thanks for stopping by...and for the feedback. My writing style has always been more along the lines of the neighbor-chatting-across-the-fence. It definitely appeals to some : )

Anonymous said...

7/17/07. True to the six-week lag, this puzzle showed up today in my local paper, the Sacramento Bee. It drove me crazy, and felt harder than most Tuesday puzzles. It felt more like a Wednesday or Thursday puzzle, ya know?

Anyway, I had given up on it due to one funky, unresolved part. I decided to google the answer and I found your blog. There was the answer. The heavens opened up and I heard angels sing. Thanks.

And now back to writing my research paper. /resume life


Linda G said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Robin. Glad the blog was helpful. In the present, I post the completed grid, although sometimes a clue or two are all you need to get through a roadblock.

I graduated three years ago...what a relief to write blogs instead of research papers! But I wouldn't say I have a life ; )