Monday, June 25, 2007

Dooley and Barnabas

KC asked to see pictures of Dooley and Barnabas, so here are a couple.

This one's not very timely. It was our 2006 Christmas card photograph. Dooley is on the left, and Barnabas ("Son of Consolation") is the little black dog. They wandered up to our house about seven years ago. And here are their sisters...Leslie is on the left, Elaine on the right.

Let's see what else I can find.

Here's Dooley in one of his favorite places...the Sleep Number bed. Dooley's sleep number is 45.

Barnabas also likes the Sleep Number bed...but any bed or chair will do just fine.

Did these boys wander up to the right house or what?

Linda G


stucknkc said...

What a great looking pair of puppies. And kids. Great names too. Looks like fun times.

We (my wife Marie and I) have had our first dog for a little over a year, and I wish now that we had always had dogs. She has enhanced our lives in ways that are hard to describe, but I think most dog owners know what I mean.

At the risk of seeming a little thick, surely you're joking about the "wandering up to your house part"?

Linda G said...

No...all of the dogs we've ever had have wandered up to our house. Dooley and Barnabas had been roaming the neighborhood for about two months before the girls saw them and encouraged them to follow them home. I ran an ad, but no one ever claimed them. Their loss was certainly our gain.

Dogs do bring immense pleasure. It's a bit tough when we travel, though. If we can't find a housesitter, we end up boarding them...although they never seem to mind the attention they get there.

stucknkc said...

That's interesting, maybe the leash laws are either nonexistent there or loosely enforced? Maybe (well, actually no doubt) my suburb is a little uptight about such matters. On the rare occasions I see a loose dog, I usually see either a frantic owner or the Animal Control truck soon thereafter.

Regardless, lucky for them indeed.

That's funny about your dogs not minding being boarded, mine is the same way. She's so friendly with people and other dogs that she can't wait to get there!

Unknown said...

Hi- I wonder if you named your dogs from Jan Karon's Mitford series of fictional novels. Both Dooley and Barnabas are characters. Dooley is the son and Barnabas is the dog.
Enjoy your pups-

Anonymous said...

Linda: the dogs are adorable!! I'm a sucker for animals....especially lost ones -- which is how I got Sweet Babee (the best cat ever).

I love the sleep number part. Have you seen the commercial on TV where the guy is divorced I think? Anyway, missing a woman and he talks about her sleep number and her cats' sleep number and then you see his dog on the bed and the guy is looking for another woman with the "right" sleep number and a cat that has the right one too. That ad cracks me up!

Sorry to run on.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

oops! Meant to say the girls are cuties too. Only sorry they're giving you some trouble these days :(

Linda G said...

Thanks for all the nice comments about the boys (and the girls). I'll pass them on.

Dylan, you're spot on! We've always had females and planned to name our next dog Miss Sadie. Along came the two boys...and Dooley and Barnabas were perfect. Our Barnabas thinks he's as big as a Buick, and Dooley was a diamond in the rough ; )