Friday, June 15, 2007

Saturday, June 16 - Joe DiPietro

Joe DiPietro's Saturday themeless was one tough puzzle. After my initial read-through of clues, I had only a couple of answers:

19A: Fisherman's supply (worms). Thought that was it, wrote it, erased it, wrote it again.

21A: Defibrillator users, for short (EMTs). That one ends up in the puzzle fairly regularly, although they keep finding different ways to clue it.

22A: [Just like that!] (snap). Got it--just like that!

31A: Passed-down strands (DNA). One of those plural answers that doesn't end in an S.

54A: Son of Leah (Levi). It pays to know some of the Bible names.

Those few answers didn't really open up a lot for me. I ended up Googling to get a couple of obscure 46A: Delaware, the __ State. I thought it was First State, but that wasn't working. Apparently, it has other nicknames, including Diamond State.

That gave me a little more to work with in the lower right quadrant, confirming that 40D: Words from the wise was actually proverb. A bit tricky, since it seemed at first that the answer would be plural. But a proverb does contain words--seven on average, according to Wikipedia.

There were several two-word answers that ended with...are they prepositions? Someone help me's late and I'm tired.

15A: First in line (next up)

23A: Follow (go after)

25A: Falls at the hands of (loses to)

8D: Want in the worst way (ache for)

39D: Went for (aimed at)

The award for funniest clue goes to 3D: Like some T-shirts and eggs (extra large). I didn't see that answer until I had the X, then I felt rather stupid for not having seen it sooner. I couldn't figure out what those two could possibly have in common.

My three favorite answers:

16A: Woman who's just too cool? (ice queen). Ooh, love it.

59A: Place to order rolls (sushi bar). Too clever.

61A: Further evidence (Exhibit B). I had the last two letters in place and was sure I had something wrong. What word could possibly end in TB?

That then threw me with 52D: Sauce thickener (roux). I had the UX but roux just didn't come until I got the O. Thank you, poolside (56A: Where many people may lie).

We had a clue in a recent puzzle, and I tried to put New Delhi in for the answer. It was wrong, but it was the right answer tonight and it came right to mind for 36D: Residence of some Indians.

I was totally baffled by the answer to 28D: Wicker work (A Time to Die). I was thinking baskets, furniture, and the like. Thank you, Dogpile. Tom Wicker wrote the book, A Time to Die: The Attica Prison Revolt.

See you tomorrow night.

Linda G

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