Monday, June 25, 2007

Tuesday, June 26 - Ray Fontenot

Ray Fontenot isn't a name I'm familiar with. I'm curious to know if this is his inaugural puzzle.

The theme is an all-day film festival...the four theme answers are well-known movies whose last words capture the various "show" times.

20A: First showing at an all-day film festival? (1988) - Tequila Sunrise

25A: Second showing (1970) - Red Sky at Morning

44A: Third showing (1975) - Dog Day Afternoon

49A: Final showing (2004) - After the Sunset

I'm not much of a morning person...and definitely not a sunrise person...but I might have seen Tequila Sunrise--it looks somewhat familiar, and I like Michelle Pfeiffer. I saw the morning and afternoon shows. Liked one, really liked the other. Didn't see After the Sunset and couldn't tell you anything about it.

I always think themes are clever, in large part because I don't think I could come up with one. This was an easy theme, and once you got one theme answer, it was pretty easy to guess at least the endings. I was thinking Tuesday Afternoon at first. Likely confused because Tequila Sunrise was also a song.

[Digression following...At KC's request, I've posted some pictures of Dooley and Barnabas, along with our daughters. You can see them here. Thanks, KC.]

Esau makes another appearance at 53D, clued as Biblical twin. He's joined by Biblical liar (Ananias) at 43D.

Yesterday we had True/False Test. Today they reprise their roles--albeit separately--at 51D: Loyal (true) and 42A: Disloyal (false).

X is in the grid again 57A Graph line (axis) and 49D: Pink-slipped (axed).

Favorite words in the grid:

35A: Crystal-lined rock (geode)

15D: Self-important sorts (tin gods). We all know one (or more) of those.

33D: Eco-friendly (green). I know someone who will be happy to see this answer. Be sure to check out his always-entertaining commentary on the New York Sun puzzle.

38D: San Francisco and environs (Bay area). I just looked at that as one word and wondered what in the world bayarea was...kind of like...well, never mind.

45D: Nissan, once (Datsun). I don't remember when that changed. I used to own a Datsun, I have never owned a it was some time between 1973 and now.

54D: Gallery-filled part of the Big Apple (SoHo). When we were in New York City a few years ago, I learned that Soho meant South of Houston Street...or the area south of Greenwich Village. It was a great place to meander...lots of shops, galleries, cafes, and other places to spend money.

Well, it's now ten of (29D: A little before the hour). Not so! (32D: "That's a lie!"). Okay, it's really ten after...but I wanted to use a couple of answers in a real sentence. I agree, that's pretty lame (2D: Poor, as excuses go). But no harm (52D: Damage) done!

Enough already! Good night...see you tomorrow.

Linda G


DONALD said...

Next time you and Don are in NYC strolling through SoHo, give a holler!

stucknkc said...

Delightful! If this is Mr. Fontenot's (his name is even fun to say) debut, I hope he will get more run.

Had DUEL initially instead of DRAW, maybe a small intentional trap? If so, I'm all for it. DUEL fit, but DRAW fit better.

Also enjoyed TINGODS. It's not up there with MRTOADSWILDRIDE, but I have a notion that the constructor is capable of hitting that height.

Lastly, my paper, the KC Star, does not publish the theme on the Mon - Sat puzzles. Maybe the theme is omitted from the Mon - Sat syndicated version everywhere? I'm starting to gain an appreciation for not having it, discerning it is like having a puzzle within the puzzle. And we do get the theme in the Sunday puzzle, which ruined me last Sunday. To be fair though, that was nobody's fault but my own.