Friday, June 22, 2007

Saturday, June 23 - Patrick Berry

I'm trying to remember how I usually do with Patrick Berry's puzzles, but I'm drawing a blank. All I know is that I didn't find this one too difficult, considering it's Saturday.

I loved the two 10-letter entries. 29A: Talking during movies? (voice overs). An answer with two Vs -- how cool is that. 38A: Bad shoes to run in (spike heels). How about bad shoes to walk in? For the record, I think it should be spiked, rather than spike, but I'm okay with it.

And how about those 9-letter answers. Horizontal stacks of three north and south, and vertical stacks of two east and west.

First the north three, followed by the south:

1A: Replacement (spare part).

15A: It's pictured in Van Gogh's "Starry Night Over the Rhone" (Ursa Major). Best way ever to clue this.

17A: Vaudeville bigwig (Top Banana).

55A: Wood-and-chicken-wire enclosure (rabbit run). This makes me think of run, rabbit, run. Something out of a reading primer.

58A: First novel in Cather's "prairie trilogy" (O Pioneers). One of only a few gimmes.

60A: When "anything can happen" on "The Mickey Mouse Club" (Wednesday). I don't get why this is the answer. Don was a big fan and he doesn't get it, either. Maybe it's from a more recent version.

The Eastern stacks...

12D: "Try before you buy" products (shareware). I was so sure it was trial size.

13D: Acting job (portrayal). One of those that was hard to see, even with most of the letters in place.

And the Western...

30D: Flavorful hamburger bun (onion roll).

31D: Pinned on (imputed to).

Some of my favorite clues:

3D: Org. that funds shelters (ASPCA). Not tax shelters, as I originally thought.

9D: It doesn't give you the full picture (trailer).

23A: It's made to measure (ruler).

42A: Bud's bud in comedy (Lou). I think we had something about Abbott and/or Costello recently.

46A: Ready to be drawn (on tap). That took me entirely too long. I was thinking drawn in every other sense...a caricature, tired looking, drawn and quartered (ick).

57A: Railed area, often (altar). Definitely in a Catholic or Episcopal church. Don't know about any others.

Much more to say about this one. Be sure to check out the links in the sidebar for further commentary.

Today was Take Your Dog to Work Day. Sister Karen brought Calli, her 2-year-old Yorkie, and Annie, her 15-year-old Schnauzer. They were both so darn cute. Males (dogs, anyway) tend to mark their territory, so it seemed a good idea to leave Dooley and Barnabas home.

Enjoy the weekend. I plan to stay out of the 100+ degree heat and drink plenty of water...and do plenty of puzzles.

See you tomorrow.

Linda G


DONALD said...

Mickey Mouse Club Days of the Week
Monday - Fun With Music Day
Tuesday - Guest Star Day
Wednesday - Anything Can Happen Day
Thursday - Circus Day
Friday - Talent Round-Up Day

Linda G said...

I knew somebody would know that! Thanks, Donald : )

Anonymous said...

I really LOVED this puzzle, not only because its one of the few Saturday puzzles I've come close to completing on my own, but because my first answers were ACHOO, DILBERT, and SCARAB. Fun!
Agreed, the Big Dipper clue was the best ever!

Fuzzy brain and little patience this morning so I got burned by the fact that "My Antonia" is the same number of letters as the correct answer "O Pioneers". Seems like this showed up in a puzzle not too long ago and I should have remembered it this time! And, embarrassingly, I ended up puzzling over how Port Royal could be an acting job. ... Duh.

stucknkc said...

REBIRTH! A day after my worst defeat, one of my best efforts yet. Only missed two letters - had ACHE/SHARP/SOP rather than ACME/SMART/SOT. I should have spent more time on "Climber's goal", but after yesterday I'll take it.

Couldn't agree more on SPIKE vs. SPIKED. SPIKE seems forced, at least with the way the clue is worded.

Also liked VOICEOVERS, pretty clever in my opinion.

Would have liked a clue along the lines of "John Updike novel" for RABBITRUN.

(Rabbit - DILBERT was my first answer.)

Do you have pictures of your dogs that you would post? I'm all about the puppies!


P.S. It was a 100 degrees there in June? Not what I think of when I think of June in CO. I was actually in Estes Park/RMNP on June 23rd, how EDENIC! Maybe you're in eastern or western CO?

Linda G said...

KC, I'm in western Colorado, fairly close to the Utah border. Yes, Estes Park is beautiful and the summer temperatures are near perfect.

I'm just finishing up the Sunday puzzle and need to blog, but I'll post a picture of my sweet boys very soon. They're flattered that you asked to see them ; )