Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wednesday, April 18 - Jim Page

We made it through another tax season! I know I don't have reason to complain. Don's the one who worked ten to twelve hours every day since January 2, including his birthday. But I'm always relieved when it's over. Tomorrow he can sleep in, while I head out to make the big bucks.

I could hardly keep my eyes open to finish the Wednesday puzzle, so I'll be brief. My good friend, Rex Parker, will tell you everything you need to know about it, including details about the theme, revealed in 12D: "__ disturb!" (and a hint for the five themed answers). Pretty clever--they all contain SHH.

I sort of remembered ARod from a previous puzzle but still couldn't get it without the acrosses.

It's always nice when I remember something from my years in college (fairly recent, graduating in 2004). We learned about L-Dopa in Abnormal Psychology (treatment for parkinsonism), which appeared at 1D. Dr. Whats-his-name would be proud!

Some of my favorites:

56A: Foot specialist: (poet). Excellent.
70A: Sounds to shop by (Muzak)
31D: Classic sodas (Nehi). Always reminds me of Radar O'Reilly from MASH.
54D: Franklin's on it (CNote). I always like to have a few of them in my wallet.
2D: Apple variety (IMac). My first thought was Rome.

No madnesses tonight. Life is always good when tax season ends, and especially when we didn't have to pay an extra thousand to Uncle Sam.

I see that those of you in the northeast have been given an extra couple of days. I'll bet you were all on top of things and filed days ago.

It's time for a 6A: Pre-bedtime ritual (bath). But I'm so tired, I think I'll brush my teeth and call it a night. A good night.

Linda G


Howard B said...

Like what you've done with the place.

Kind of like this Wednesday puzzle for some reason, even if I think I've seen something very close to this theme before. It's fun to have a better shot at guessing the theme answers if you get the 'bonus' of figuring out the key word while solving. Sort of like 'Wheel of Fortune', without the wheel, money, prizes, or Vanna.

Rex Parker said...

Never even saw [Franklin's on it] - would have liked CRACK as the answer, but it would be totally unfair to accuse the only black Peanuts character of such an addiction.


Rex Parker said...

PS, yes, NEHI = RADAR - the only context in which I know of that drink (Besides crosswords)


DONALD said...

There's also an IROD and a KROD (Ivan Rodriguez, Detroit; and a pitcher named Rodriquez who puts up a lot of K's) -- so it'll be interesting to see which one of these constructors throw us the old curve ball first!

Even brief, your blog is cool!

Linda G said...

I'm just getting back to this. It's been a long day.

It's so nice to have such well-known visitors. Thanks for your kind comments ; )

Rex, your Franklin comment was too funny!