Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not tonight, dear

No, I don't have a headache. It's been a stressful day, and I'm going to bed. I'm not even going to look at Friday's puzzle until I get home from work tomorrow.

Between Rex and Donald, you'll get two takes on the New York Times puzzle. Green Genius will have the solution to the Sun; both he and Orange will have commentary. See links in the sidebar for all.

Hope to be back some time soon.


DONALD said...

I was going to refer them to all of you! Now I have to write something? -- I can't stand Quarfoot puzzles!

Well, O.K. I'll think of something!

Rex Parker said...

Sorry you had a bad day - I soldiered on even with a massive head cold, but whatever. We all have our limits :)

DQ puzzles are like the finest chocolate to me: like candy, but much more substantive - good for you, even.