Friday, April 20, 2007

Saturday, April 21 -- Byron Walden

This puzzle took me entirely too long to finish. According to the Applet, there's still something wrong, but I know it's just one letter -- and I can't figure out which one it is.

Googled a couple of things, but this was really a puzzle that forced you to think outside the box.

1A: Sputtered (loststeam). I had lost speed at first.

14D: Mall rats, typically (teencrowd)

30D: A cut above? (hairstyle)

12D: Chronic fatigue syndrome, informally (yuppieflu)

46A: Less sympathetic (stonier).

48D: Blowout (gala). I was thinking something to do with tires...

Totally loved 34A: showstopper (hardacttofollow). I got it with only two or three letters.

It's been too many years since I played Candy Land. Had to get a few of the downs before the name of a candy (gumdrop) came to mind.

It usually drives me nuts to see a clue appear more than once. Shingle abbr. appeared at 7D (estd), and again at 38A (bros), but I thought they were both good answers.

Boffo? Never heard of it, but it's the answer to 33A: Like a showstopper.

Theaterof/theabsurd is a connected answer appearing at 29A and 37A (20th century avant-garde movement). Another tied answer is Apple/Inc at 18A and 24A, clued as Fortune 500 company founded by two college dropouts. That was one of the few gimmes.

27D: Psychiatric discipline pioneered by Margaret Naumburg (arttherapy). Good clue, great form of therapy. When our girls first came to live with us, Nancy used a combination of play therapy and art therapy. Very telling.

Three weeks into my job, and things are going well. After three years of intensive case management with families, it's a welcome change to be on the administrative side--working with donors and volunteers, applying for grants, fundraising. Life is good.

Linda G


DONALD said...

Looking good! Just letting you know I stopped by, so many blog readers just lurk! Hello!

Anonymous said...

Linda, is the thing you have wrong possibly at 42A and 45D? ACTA and APERY? I had ACTS and SPERY (whatever that is) but apparently that's not right. Still don't know what ACTA means, since Parliament would tend to pass ACTS, right?, but someone's comment on Orange's blog suggests that was a trouble spot.

Linda G said...

Wendy, I swear we have the same mind! That's exactly where it was. I'll check out what Orange had to say about it.

Thanks for the tip. And thanks for coming by and commenting : )

Nice to see you, Donald. Those lurkers. I'll check to see if you're back today. Hope so.

Linda G said...

I'm back from Orange's site. I had policeMAN instead of CAR, in addition to the ACTA/APERY error. Haven't a clue what ACTA means. Maybe it's the plural of ACTE, which sounds Brit. Hopefully Rex or Donald will enlighten us.

I knew that saffron came from crocus, and I originally had CROCI in there before I teased out POLICE. Then I changed it---hey, maybe cromes are part of croci. Aaarr...

Norrin2 said...

I had "Hyram" Rickover instead of "Hyman", and I left it there even though it gave me "ergonoric". That's what I get for not checking my puzzle over.

DONALD said...

acta -- n. pl. (L, pl. of actum -- more at ACT) 1. recorded proceedings : official acts: TRANSACTIONS - 2. narratives of deeds of the Christians -- Webster's 3rd New Intl Dict.

Linda, I've referenced your blog for Sunday's puzzle which I have just posted.