Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday, April 29 - Henry Hook

Rude awakening (jolt). That's the first clue in Henry Hook's Puzzle, Circle of Friends, and that's what it was for me--when I tried to put his clever theme into words.

I make it a point to refrain from reading other blogs until I've written mine, but I made an exception tonight. Orange did an excellent job of explaining it. Check out her blog,
Diary of a Crossword Fiend, for the explanation and further commentary.

The puzzle was full of scrabbly letters--lots of Js (5 by my count), Ks (I counted 6), plus 3 Vs and a Z.

Things I didn't know

58A: 1980s-'90s N.B.A. star Danny (Ainge)

64A: News exec Roger (Ailes)

92D: Think way back? (Trow)

96D: Bob of the P.G.A. (Tway). Is that what Tweetie Bird would use in the school cafeteria?

Things I guessed well

66D: Leader of the Mel-Tones (Torme)

27A: Ignore the alarm (sleep in).

94A: Country with a palm tree on its flag (Haiti)

72A: Symbol in el zodiaco (toro)

Clues/answers I really liked

22A: Something that might be tucked under the chin (viola). We had Ultra last week, and now we have Ultra Vi's instrument.

32A: Poet with a seemingly self-contradictory name (Noyes).

107A: Talked a blue streak? (swore)

78A: Faith in music (Percy)

15D: Strands in the winter? (tinsel)

Nice intersection of 54D: Puma rival (Nike) and 61A: He reached his peak in 1806 (Pike).

I managed to get some laundry done today, repotted some houseplants, pruned my perennial garden, and helped Don clean off the deck in preparation for the arrival tomorrow afternoon of our new patio furniture. A combination Mother's Day/birthday, probably Father's Day, maybe even end-of-tax season gift. We really enjoy sitting out there, watching the birds and in the morning, beer in the afternoon, wine in the evening.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning to you all.

Linda, coffee on the patio watching the birds, etc., sounds good to me.

I was surprised to see Percy Faith in the NYT puzzle. Whatever happened to him anyway? Anybody know? Anybody remember vinyl?

I manage to keep up with sports but usually a few days behind.
Finally heard through "The Week" publication about A-Rod's record. Still waiting hear about Rex's apocryphal player, A-Orta, set
a new record.

It's time to watch what my daughter calls "news and pews" on Sunday morning TV. The bird-watching on the patio sounds more inviting though.

Happy puzzling.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for highlighting the VIOLA clue in your entry! I always love seeing it in a puzzle.

It is awfully hard to keep up, but sounds as if you're making it all work, plus writing the blog every morning. I don't know how you do it. I have sworn off all housework in favor of puzzles, and my bill pile is growing...

Did mail in my tax return on time this year, though, but that was only because it was a requirement for college financial aid applications for my son.

Linda, I hope you're planning on ACPT in 2008. You must go!

Linda G said...

Re: housework -- someone else does twice a month and we just pick up the large chunks of dirt in between.

Re: bills -- pay them twice a month, when we get paid.

Re: crosswords and blogging. Very important. Do daily. Check fellow blogger sites at least three times during the day.

Can you tell where my priorities lie?

During the few months I wasn't working, I actually did menus for a month, grocery shopped once a week for everything, and cooked a REAL meal every night. Once Don started working so late (mid-March) I stopped that. It's tough to get back into the routine.

And I haven't played the piano in a week and we have a recital mid-May. Other than weekend walks, I haven't exercised since I rediscovered crossword puzzles. So, I may get fat, but I'm keeping my brain sharp!

Anonymous said...

Love the tweety bird quip!

DONALD said...

Ditto on Tweety!

Rex Parker said...

Dearest Linda,

I overlooked PERCY Faith today (Sundays are always hard to blog just because of the sheer number of answers), which was a clue I liked - much better "Faith of music" than HILL.

Are you filling in for Orange while she's away? I saw your name listed as contributor. If so, lucky her.


Norrin2 said...

We usually do tea in the morning, Diet Pepsi in the afternoon and beer in the evening, but I think I might like your way even better.
You didn't say whether you were planning to be at ACPT 08. Are you?

Linda G said...

Vinyl...still have some, but not many. Somewhere along the line all the Beatles albums were tossed.

I can't believe Percy Faith died in 1976 (of cancer, according to Wikipedia). I always loved the theme from A Summer's Place. I think my mother had that album.

Rex, you caused my heart to flutter. That can be dangerous at my age ; ) Yes, I'll be guest blogging for Orange (twice) while she's globe trotting.

Yes, yes, yes -- to Ultra Vi and Robert. I am definitely planning to go to ACPT. Unless Don retires this year (unlikely), I'll be going alone. I'll be counting on my virtual family for support. Going to Brooklyn alone...daunting.

Have finished the Monday puzzle, but I think I'll wait until morning to blog. I'm actually making dinner tonight so must get on it.