Monday, April 16, 2007

Tuesday, April 17 -- Jennifer Nutt

I know I'm dog-tired when I stare at a finished puzzle and can't for the life of me figure out the theme. And those asterisks meant there most certainly was one!

The give-away (to some, anyway) was at 33D: Has the rear end move side to side...or a hint to the five asterisked clues (fishtails). The last word of each of the five themed entries was a kind of fish:

17A: Chicken (scaredyCAT)

23A: Very good child (littleANGEL) We had angel fish in our aquarium when I was young. One of them laid eggs on a piece of slate in the tank, and we were all so excited. About two minutes later, a second angel fish came by and ate them all off. We were heartbroken.

48A: Venus (eveningSTAR)

59A: Purple sandwich filler (grapeJELLY)

11D: Short shadow caster (middaySUN)

I know precious little about sports, but I know more about baseball than any other. That said, I didn't have a clue that 14A: Number of feet between baseball bases was NINETY. Twenty or thirty would have fit, but that just didn't seem long enough. When you're way up there in the bleachers, though, it really doesn't look too far.

The last time I saw Sedgwick of Warhol films (19A), I committed the answer (Edie) to memory. Yesssssss.

I can't remember what he calls words with -er endings, but I know Rex Parker will not like 35A: It lets things go (releaser). I hang on his every word, but that one's escaping me.

Things I liked:

59D: No. on a transcript (GPA)

43A: Reddish-brown (Sienna)

39D: Frequent flier's reward (freetrip) -- I need one of these

6D: Charisse of "Singin' in the Rain" -- I loved that movie. Cyd Charisse was an incredible dancer.

We don't have ivory-billed woodpeckers here because they are 30D (rare). We have flickers, which are annoying because they peck holes in our house and try to nest in the attic. We were told that if we hung a house specifically for them they would stop. They didn't. Grackles nest in the houses instead, and the flickers are still trying to get in our attic. I love birds, though, and have about nine feeders in the yard and in our woods.

It's 10:00 and Don is not yet home. Tax season will officially be over at midnight tomorrow, but he's finishing up the last two returns tonight. I hope you've finished yours. And don't forget--Tuesday is the last day to fund your 2006 IRA. Just do it!

Linda G


DONALD said...

I distribute approximately 150 lbs. of bird seed, 50 lbs. of black oil sunflower seeds and 50 lbs. of peanuts monthly in my backyard -- the neighbors hate me, but the creatures are appreciative!

DONALD said...

Oh, excellent read today!

Linda G said...

So nice to have a visitor. And another bird lover besides. So, you must work to support your bird feeding habit. Fortunately, mine is much more manageable, so I only need to work part time ; )

Rex Parker said...

"Odd Jobs" - and yes, you were right on - I did not like RELEASER.

Norrin2 said...

If you watch baseball on TV or listen on the radio, you have that 90 feet figure drilled into you. If I had a nickel for every time I heard an announcer say "The tying run is now only ninety feet away" (meaning he's on third base) I'd have a lot of nickels.
By the way, I doubt it'll ever come up in a crossword puzzle but it's 60 feet, six inches from the pitcher's mound to home plate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you greatly for solving the "hint" given in "fishtails."
Some hint!! It was a hintette in my book. Thanks thanks thanks!

Linda G said...


Glad the blog was helpful. I hope you'll keep coming back. We all learn so much from one another : )