Sunday, April 15, 2007

Monday, April 16 - Randall J. Hartman

Easy puzzle with a simple-to-figure-out theme. Ordinary words clued in extraordinary ways. Four theme answers with rhyming first syllables: Barrtended (17A: Like folks cared for by former congressman Bob?), Carrpooled (55A: Like funds gathered by singer Vikki), Farrfetched (10D: Like a ball retrieved by actor Jamie?),and Starrshaped (24D: Like clay molded by drummer Ringo).

I'm a Beatles fan--which one was my favorite? Actually, it was a tie. I also liked Farrfetched. Who didn't love MASH? And who was funnier than Klinger?

I actually thought that 29A (Man of steel?) was supposed to be a theme answer, so I got hung up for a short time. Turned out to be CARnegie. Anyone else?

Some common clue/answer pairings turned up again, and this time I remembered them. Castor (26A: Pollux's twin), AyeAye (47A: Naval affirmative), ActI (62A: When Romeo meets Juliet), Manor (6D: Country estate), Corgi (46D: Welsh dog).

Epees (32D: Sporting blades), Ahem (47D: "Uh...excuse me"), Elie (58A: Writer Wiesel) -- all back and likely to show up again soon. And it always pays to know your Bible books. Amos (21A: Book after Joel) visited today.

Because other blogs post the completed grid, I've chosen not to. I'm not sure where this blog will go, but I'll always comment on the New York Times puzzle. Beginning tomorrow, I'll also start doing the Sun, and I may make a few comments on it as well.

It's 8:10 PM (regardless of what it shows for my posted time), and I still have one more tax return to finish. If you haven't finished your own, you still have time--but get on it!



Rex Parker said...

I'm torn between congratulating you for getting under way and cursing you for the fact that you will undoubtedly cut in on my Google traffic! As Crossword Fiend is only too happy to tell me, I am a Google whore.

I hope this doesn't keep you from coming by my site still. I'd miss you.


DONALD said...

I sent my readers (if I have any!) over to you and Orange today -- I'm fried after the weekend puzzles!

Rex Parker said...

PS shouldn't you also remind people that they still have time to fully fund their Roth IRA? Isn't tomorrow the deadline? I feel as if someone, somewhere, within the sound of my voice, needs to be reminded. We nearly forgot about my wife's and only just funded it fully yesterday - god bless computers.