Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wednesday, December 5 - Allan E. Parrish

The good news...I was able to finish the puzzle without help from Google. The bad news...I didn't get the theme, revealed at 71A: This puzzle's theme (deer).

I always learn something new, but I had to look up two of the theme answers in the dictionary to see how they fit in with the theme. Did anyone else have this problem?

17A: Source of rump roast (hindquarter). I never knew this...hind is the female of the red deer, in and after its third year.

63A: Worrisome economic condition (stagflation). I did know stag.

11D: "Sunglasses at Night" singer, 1984 (Corey Hart). I knew the song, but not who sang it. Got it from crosses but couldn't make a connection to the theme. Hart is a male of the European red deer, especially after its fifth year, when the crown antlers are formed.

26D: Court anonym (John Doe). I didn't see this as a theme answer until I was including it in my favorites below. Forest...trees...

34D: John Candy title role (Uncle Buck). I wasn't a John Candy fan and didn't know the movie...had to rely on crosses and a couple of good guesses (see below). Fortunately, I knew how buck related to the theme.

Favorite answers:

5A: Donahue of "Father Knows Best" (Elinor). That was probably not a gimme for the younger solvers out there.

22A: P.M. between Pearson and Clark (Trudeau)...why the abbreviation? I was slightly confused by that.

24A: Charity event, maybe (bazaar). Great word. Z and three As.

26A: Shared taxi (jitney). Knew the word but always thought it was just another word for taxi. Another great word.

29A: Panama and others (isthmi). I never thought about how isthmus would be pluralized. I was thinking about hats initially.

48A: Like some oaths or vows (solemn).

52A: "I am six. I am a city child. I live at the Plaza" speaker (Eloise).

2D: Mystical board (Ouija). If Ouija is to be believed, I was supposed to marry someone else.

5D: Shevardnadze of Georgia (Eduard).

8D: Capone colleague (Nitti).

18D: Shows cowardice (quails).

41D: Teachings of Buddha (Dharma). Clued differently, but two days in a row!

49D: One of the Mitchells in an old UPN sitcom (Moesha). Never heard of the Mitchells or Moesha.

My guesses were confined to the southwest corner...62A: "The Simpsons" storekeeper (Apu), 66A: Input-jack label (MIC)...who can read that?, 69A: Golf's Se Ri __ (Pak), along with a major cross at 59D: Capital of Samoa (Apia). I had to rely on the Applet to tell me when I finally had it right. Earlier in the week, I'd be unhappy about it, but it seems fair enough for a Wednesday. I'm sure that was an easier corner for those who watch TV, know more about sports...and know more about geography than just the U.S. capitals.

That's it for today. Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


profphil said...


I got the theme and because one of my fortes is animals I knew hind and hart. They are also used a lot in (Hebrew/OT) Biblical poetry as in the books of Psalms and Song of Songs, if I remember correctly. However, I did not pick up on "doe" as being one of the theme answers until you pointed it out -- D'uh.

Anonymous said...

Linda, like yourself I had a hard time with the theme...but thanks to you I got the others...I just thought there was three buck, doe and stag!!!
Have a good day

Anonymous said...

hi. my first two theme answeres were "UNCLE BUCK" and "HIND QUARTER" so i thought there was a money theme (buck & quarter) - i was trying so hard to fill in "PENNY HART" instead of "COREY." i was so confused when 71A turned out to be "DEER."


cornbread hell said...

thank goodness the ouija board is not to be believed or we'd prob'ly all be married to the little timmy or sally sue of our childhood.

the deer words are also prevalent in irish literature/mythology.

loved quails and isthmi and cub for 'learning the ropes' , but had nitty/jytney and didn't have the applet to slap me into submission on that one. (jytney? pass the jytney. i want some for my roast beast.)

oh & speaking of stubborn, i kept looking for fawn or bambi. and rudolph and rein(deer)...

Linda G said...

Something's wrong with Blogger. I'm supposed to get an email when a new comment is posted, and I haven't gotten any...I was pouting all day!

I'm so glad someone else missed JOHN DOE as a theme answer. And Peden's idea of a money theme makes good sense (cents!) to me.

cornbread hell said...

heck, i've been pouting all night. sorta glad to know it's not just me. i almost called a jytney to take me out for a drink. ;)