Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday, December 21 - Patrick Berry

Still not feeling up to par. I just downloaded today's puzzle and may try to do it later...but I'm still wiped out.

Don't know if I'll be up for a Saturday puzzle. If anyone wants to take a shot at it, let me know.

Hope to see you soon. And thanks for all the good wishes.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

Please recover, but take the time you need to recover. I was able to finish today (Friday's) puzzle without resorting to your blog as resource. It was fully deserving as a Friday puzzle, but I will not try to make any clever analyses such as you do.
Read your blog again when you have recovered.

lucy lindley

Anonymous said...

Linda...sorry that you are still suffering rhe ill effects of bad should relax until after christmas so that you can be rested to enjoy your family
merry christmas

NYTAnonimo said...

Sorry to hear your still not up to par Linda. I don't know if we've had an easier week or I'm improving but I only had to google 4 words today-23D One of the Marsalis brothers- WYNTON (wanted him to be Winston), 25D "Wild Thing" band with the-TROGGS, 44D "Politics is the _ of the imagination:Ian McEwan-ENEMY, and 29A Cannibal of Anglo-Saxon lengend-GRENDAL. Was not familiar with Grendel but obviously I should be-he's only been around a few thousand years!

Howard B said...

Just echoing my late sentiment - hope you're back on the road to puzzly health. Have a happy and healthy holidy!

Anonymous said...

Linda, also sorry you're not yet up to par. Hope you mend to enjoy Christmas.

Saturday's puzzle is what the actor Paul Sorvinno refers to as a "bitch mother." Quad layout and not much to anchor onto.

I'll save you the trouble - it isn't WEEDBGON for 44A.