Sunday, December 2, 2007

Monday, December 3 - Harvey Estes

No theme to the Monday puzzle...but several good long answers and some fresh fill. That makes the fairly standard three- and four-letter words more than okay in my book.

20A: Profanity, e.g. (strong language).

36A: 1995 Woody Allen comedy (Mighty Aphrodite). I wonder where I was in 1995...that doesn't sound familiar at all, and I needed crosses to get it. My all-time favorite Woody Allen movie is/always will be Annie Hall.

49A: Classic "Jeopardy!" category (Potent Potables). I haven't seen Jeopardy in thirty years. That's not a category I remember...but then, thirty years is a long time.

4D: Monument carved from a single stone (monolith). We have several right here in the Colorado National Monument. I have a friend who's climbed this several times. For a more spectacular view of it, click here.

8D: Nighttime advertising sign, maybe (neon light).

11D: Easily read type (large print). I could use that in phone books nowadays. I carry a small (5 x 7) phone book in my car, and that thing is damn near impossible to read...don't know why I bother to carry it.

27D: Golfer named A.P. Male Athlete of the Year four times (Tiger Woods). Who else could that have been?

33D: Cloudburt (rainstorm).

38D: Off-road two-wheeler (dirt bike)...not my idea of fun.

Favorite clues include 25A: Sit behind bars (do time), 40A: Bank robber's job (heist), 2D: Pinball foul (tilt), 6D: Snowman's eyes (coals)...I've never heard the plural used, but it's so appropriate for this time of year that I decided I like it, 22D: Dead duck (goner) and 30D: Pure-and-simple (utter).

Things I didn't know or remember but got from crosses: 18A: Othello's false friend (Iago), 23A: 2007 film "__ and the Real Girl" (Lars), 55A: Earthenware jar (olla), 56A: College in New Rochelle, N.Y. (Iona), 9D: __ de Lion, epithet for Richard I (Coeur)...Heart of Lion, literally, 25D: Brit's service discharge (demob)...from demobilization, maybe?...and 52D: Hydroxyl-carbon compound (enol).

It's always good to see Z in the grid, crossing at 54D: Peri Gilpin's "Frasier" role (Roz) and 60A: Saltine brand (Zesta).

It's been a busy weekend and I'm beat, so it's time to call it a night. Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

I believe that there is a theme..a weak one...but a theme...20, 36, and 49 across..strong/mighty/potent have similar meanings.
It was a fun puzzle for a Monday

Linda G said...

You're right, Bob. I discovered that there was a theme when I read Diary of a Crossword Fiend after I posted. I knew someone out there would catch it. My mind just couldn't see it last night. Good job!

Orange said...

And remember—at least 99.99% of Monday through Thursday NYT puzzles have a theme. If the long answers aren't made-up phrases (suggesting a letter deletion or addition theme), check to see if just the final words or just the first words might fit a certain category.