Monday, December 3, 2007

Tuesday, December 4 - Alison Donald

Even if you hadn't read Notepad, you'd still have been able to get the four theme answers, clued identically...See blurb.

I can't quote the blurb...but we were looking for a three-letter word that would be the clue for each theme answer.

The word was BUD...

...appearing at 17A (close friend)and 51A (comic Abbott), as well as at 11D (popular brew) and 24D (blossom-to-be).

Even before I figured out the three-letter word, I had three of the four theme answers. I had a momentary brain lapse, though, and couldn't remember if Abbott was Bud or Lou...but it didn't take long to figure it out. This one was the giveaway.

This one took me the longest to figure out, because I had the wrong answer for 38A: "I do" (yes). I had wed, which made for a strange theme answer...or no theme answer for too long.

There were a couple of other problem areas for me, including a strange clue and answer at 27D: Facetious (joky). My Webster's New World College Dictionary shows that spelling second to jokey...but it's apparently a legitimate word. Also foreign to me was 44D: Make corrections to (emend), but I knew it had to be right because of its cross...44A: Regal fur (ermine).

Favorite answers in the puzzle:

23A: Not exactly insightful (obtuse).

26A: Gung-ho sort (zealot)...Simon the Gung-ho sort.

27A: Minty drinks (juleps).

28A: Greg's sitcom mate (Dharma). I haven't seen the show, but I loved Jenna Elfman in Keeping the Faith.

39A: Four-page sheet (folio).

46A: Brilliantly colored parrots (macaw) the word, love the spelling.

47A: Actress Gaynor (Mitzi). Isn't she the one who washed that man right outa her hair in South Pacific?

58A: Special talent (knack). I love all kn words.

23D: Belly button type (outie). I'm not a fan of outies, so no picture. If we ever get innie as an answer, I'll find a good one to post.

39D: Like a picky eater (finicky).

40D: Like much of poe's work (macabre). That's a word I'd like to get in Scrabble, even though it wouldn't be worth that many points. It's just that good.

As the puzzle was printing, I happened to see the clue for 10D: For whom Sandy Koufax pitched. I don't know why I remembered that he pitched for the Dodgers, but I did...and I was proud.

I'm also tired, so this is a wrap. Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


cornbread hell said...

(nope. haven't seen the puzzle, but) from the list of words in your writeup and a quick glance at the other answers in the grid, i'd say this one's top notch no matter the day of the week.

i think i'm gonna have to start doin' the puzzle again.

Anonymous said...

this was a fun, and easy puzzle. Can someone explain the answers to 1 and 4 down...thanks

Linda G said...

cornbread, it will be nice to have your comments again. I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses them.

Bob, I don't get 1D either, so I'm looking forward to an explanation. RES...abbreviation for residence, the counterpart of BUS (business). Took some thinking outside of the box for that one.

Anonymous said...

SEC(1D)(Trice, informally) means very short time, i.e. second and RES(4D) Counterpart of bus., (business) is residential.

Linda G said...

Thanks, anonymous. I'd read the clue as THRICE, so it really threw me.

Anonymous said...

If yesterday you liked 1 'Z' then today's 2 'Z's must have made you very happy :)

BTW - macabre in Scrabble can be good for 50 bonus points as it's a 7 letter word...

Anonymous said...

Linda, thanks for the clarification on RES...makes sence now! yourself I read TRICE as meaning 3x rather than quickly