Monday, December 10, 2007

Tuesday, December 11 - Gail Grabowski

Gail Grabowski...the name sounds familiar, but I haven't blogged a puzzle by her in the eight months I've been doing this.

I loved the theme...variations of [Teen's response to a parent's "No"]. They were funny...while at the same time not funny at all. If you've raised teenagers, you know what I mean.

The three teen answers are:

17A: But that's not fair.

35A: Everyone is going.

53A: I can't do anything.

The theme wraps up at 43D: What the teen wishes the parent would do instead (say yes). Fat chance.

If I had a dime for every time I heard one of those answers...or some other variation on them...we'd be retired and living a life of luxury. What's really funny, though, is when you tell them you've talked to "everyone's" parents, and they're all under the impression that they were the only ones to say no. "Really, Sarah...because I just talked to Kim's mom...Kim told her I said you could go."

Ah, teens. Have I mentioned lately how much we're enjoying the empty nest?

I didn't download the puzzle tonight until almost 10:30...Christmas party and ornament exchange with a group of friends. I walked away with a really good ornament. Anyway, this will be brief so I can get some sleep tonight.

There were more than 30 four-letter answers in this puzzle, but that didn't bother me in the least. Some of them were just different enough to be good. My favorites...10A: Bank with significant deposits? (dike), 14A: Award for "Hot L Baltimore" (Obie), 21A: Greek war god (Ares), 62A: Folk singer Seeger (Pete), 1D: Ear or leaf feature (lobe), 3D: Mention, as in a court opinion (cite), 32D: Panorama (view), and 33D: Memo phrase (in re). Who says answers have to be long to be good?

Overall favorites:

24A: Pumpkin pie ingredient (nutmeg). When I had *UT*E*, I wrote in butter. What was up with that? I've probably made at least 100 pumpkin pies in my life, and I know damn well that I've never used butter in one.

29A: Musical Count (Basie). My Dad loved big band music. Count Basie was one of his favorites.

43A: Gushed (spewed). I love that it crosses at 44D: Land office map (plat). When I see spewed running horizontally and plat running vertically, I see it as SPLAT.

45A: Subject to legal damages (liable).

48A: Peter of "Casablanca" (Lorre).

5D: Couples' destination? (Ararat)...clever.

12D: Movie-set light (klieg). I can't believe I've never heard the word.

24D: Point from which there's nowhere to go but up (nadir). Not to be confused with this guy.

26D: Meteor shooting across the sky, maybe (omen).

42D: January birthstone (garnet). That was my mother's's also Elaine's and Don's.

47D: "Ex-x-xactly!" (Bingo!). I like the clue as much as I like the answer.

That's it for tonight. Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

Linda, I had to comment to get rid of the "0".

But also if you have not looked it up yet, Klieg lights are reflector spotlights. My wife used to be in the TV business and one of her jobs was to aim the Kliegs so there were no unattractive shadows.

Le Master said...

I just did a presentation on Sappho of Lesbos two weeks ago and it still took me a while to get 22A. Shame on me.