Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wednesday, July 25 - Ed Early

Today's theme answers include a three-part quote, the speaker, his brother, and their comedy group.

The "snarky" quote appears at 17A, 38A and 64A: I'd give you my/seat but I'm/sitting in it.

54A: Speaker of the quote (Chico).

27A: Sibling of 54-Across (Harpo).

28A and 53A: Noted comedy group, in brief (Marx Bros).

Not the most clever theme, but the theme answers are symmetrical, and there's some pretty spicy fill.

21A: Unwordy (laconic). That's what this post will be today. I don't know what the word is for no links, but it will also be that.

32A: __-chef (kitchen #2) (sous).

58A: Pale yellow Danish cheese (Havarti).

4D: Punch lines, e.g. (climaxes). Nice cross with the X in Marx.

12D: Antigone's father (Oedipus). Tragic story...a must-read.

23D: Cockney's abode (ome). That's home, minus the H...in case someone out there didn't catch it.

42D: Share digs (cohabit).

43D: Worth bubkes (trivial). Haven't heard the word bubkes, but I like it. If you say it three times, you can't help but giggle.

The last few days have basically sucked (kids who aren't really kids any more, but they're damn sure not adults)...but I've been determined to hang in there with my puzzling and blogging. Right now, though, I'm just too drained to do much more. A nice, long soak in the tub for me, then to bed.

So here's the grid...

...and tomorrow's another day. See you then.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

I thought you might be filling in for Rex, but you sound worse than he does. Get well, we need both of you.

Sorry to say, I never heard of a sous chef.


Linda G said...

JD, thanks for the encouragement. It's amazing that a few words like that can help so much ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I hope things get better. Theres a Jewish phrase that seems to reflect your situation - the pain of rearing children. Apropos of Jewish expressions Bubkas is Yiddish for worthless. "That house is so rundown, it's not worth Bubkas." Or, "I wouldn't pay Bubkas for that piece of junk." Although it is close to "trivial" I have never heard it used that way. I'm not sure of the etymology but I think it is a diminutive for potatoes probably borrowed from Polish or some other Slavic language.

Anonymous said...


Forgot to sign it.


Linda G said...

Profphil, thanks for your good thoughts. I should have recognized Bubkas...my best friend in high school (forever ago) was Jewish, and I'm sure her mother used the expression. It's nice to hear some of them again in your comments...here and at Rex's.

Howard B said...

As I said when dropping in on Rex, feel better soon.

Re: bubkes, seconding what Profphil said. My mother and grandmother liked to use that term on occassion when I was a kid. Usually sarcastically, such as a response after telling me what was for dinner, and then me asking what other choice there was. ("Bubkes!" - extra emphasis on the 'Bub' syllable in that case).

Anonymous said...

ms. linda -- if the calgon-take-me-away treatment didn't do the job, hope that thoughts of your hawaiian holiday will help!

thinkin' good thoughts for you --

best --


frances said...

Note to Linda--

Hang in there with the blog...and with the kids. They really aren't more trouble than they're worth!

Note to JD (anonymous 7:49 AM)

For a live-and-in-technicolor demonstration of what a sous-chef is, be sure to see the movie "Ratatouille."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Frances, I'll order the film on Netflix.

Linda, all the little rug rats grow up and they become magnificent sons and daughters. Be patient


Linda G said...

Thank you all. There have been comments made in the past about the virtual family that exists at this and other blogs. That's so true, and I'm blessed by each of you.

Don and I are going out to dinner, then I'll come home to puzzle and blog. See you later ; )

Anonymous said...

Linda: being late in the day "belatedly" hope things get better soon.

I'll be thinking of you.

cornbread hell said...

well i hope you're feelin' 6 weeks better. i really do.

i liked sooo many things about this puzzle. i must've marked 15 items to pretend blog about.

and the oddest thing is, i posted a MARX/BROS video on my blog today. that was Before i even saw the puzzle.

Linda G said...

You're all so sweet...I'm lucky to have such wonderful readers.

Six weeks later, things are much better. Now the only stresses come from planning a wedding, although I'm very excited about it.

Cornbread, I'm off to your blog to see your video. You're psycho...I mean psychic ; )