Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thursday, July 26 - Joe Krozel

A show of hands, many of you groaned l-o-u-d-l-y when you saw thirteen across entries clued simply as [ - ]? I know I did. But when it started to come together, the aha moments started coming in waves.

You really had to think outside the box to get this one. I noticed immediately that all thirteen [ - ] words were left justified (as it were), but that didn't tip me off. It wasn't until *CAS*Y at 41-Across that I realized what was going on.

The thirteen theme answers are two entries each. The [ - ] appears as the first clue (at the left word), and the actual clue appears as the clue for the words that are right justified. Huh?

1A, clued at 10A: Opposite of all (not one). Actually, one not if you read them left to right. For consistency's sake, I'll do them all this way.

13A, clued at 15A: Loser (also ran). I never heard this expression before doing crossword puzzles. Now I see it pretty often.

16A, clued at 18A: Try, as something new (test out). If you'd like to test out something guest blogging at Madness...just let me know.

19A, clued at 22A: Like some low-rise buildings (three story).

26A, clued at 30A: Places where fans may gather to watch a game (sports bars).

34A, clued at 36A: Noted 1829 West Point graduate (Robert E. Lee). This was first clue that something was up. I was pretty sure that was the answer, but it just wouldn't fit at 36-Across.

37A, clued at 40A: Deem appropriate (see fit).

41A, clued at 44A: Irish playwright who wrote "The Shadow of a Gunman" (Sean O'Casey). Once I had some of the downs over at the left side, I saw that O'Casey belonged over there, and I was on a roll.

45A, clued at 47A: Countryman of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (West German).

51A, clued at 55A: Target of chondrolaryngoplasty surgery (Adam's apple).

59A, clued at 62A: Barely (by a nose).

63A, clued at 65A: Comforting words (it's okay). I got plenty of those today from several readers. Thank you all. As I said in a comment to Wednesday's puzzle, there have been references made (on this blog and others) about the virtual family that exists among crossword bloggers. It's very true, and I'm grateful for each and every one of you.

66A, clued at 68A: What some browsers browse (the net).

That was tough to explain, but I hope you were able to follow my train of thought.

I thought this puzzle was borderline brilliant. So many of the theme answers were just simple words--only three or four letters. That would have made for a boring puzzle if not for the way they were connected.

There were only a few things I didn't know. 49A: Long-billed wading bird (snipe). I wanted egret or heron..don't they have long bills? Also didn't know 60A: English king who was the youngest son of William the Conqueror (Henry I), and 38D: Early American patriot Silas (Deane). Sports isn't the only area of weakness for me. You can add history, physics and French, among other things, to the list.

Outside of the theme answers, I really liked 6D: One way to buy things (on credit). I'm embarrassed to say that it was a gimme. I put everything on my credit card. It beats writing checks all over town. I get cash back rewards from Visa (which I put into my savings account) and I don't charge more than I can pay when the bill comes in.

Also liked 39D: Guests may be greeted with them (open arms). I don't remember the last time we had guests, but I'm sure that's how they were greeted.

Was very happy to see that 33D: Blockage fix was opposed to fiber.

The award for most clever clue goes to 43D: Magazine locale (arsenal). Like most of you, I was thinking about the magazines I read...RealSimple, More, National Geographic, Readers Digest and Guideposts (in no particular order).

Here's the completed grid...

...and I need to wrap this up. I have physical therapy at 8:20, which means I need to get up early and get moving. I do have more movement in my left arm, but it's nowhere near full range of motion. I get impatient and want it to be better NOW, so I can get back to lifting weights. Hawaii in two months, ACPT in seven months...the pressure is mounting.

See you tomorrow.

Linda G


Norrin2 said...

Re your magazine selections: Don't "Real Simple" and "More" cancel each other out?
: )

Linda G said...

Don has made that same comment...I wondered who else would make the connection. I should have known you would : )

Anonymous said...

Our puzzle had no [-?], just missing clues. I got large portions in the center--and things like snipe--(I even kinda got "magazine locale"--but wanted "armory" in there) --and I had some of the answers on the right, but never tumbled to the trick. What should have tipped me off?

Linda G said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure I know the answer to that. There was a puzzle with similar clues (blanks) some months back, and I never caught on. The more I do the NYT, though, the more I'm on the alert (especially on Thursdays) for gimmicks like this, or two or more letters in the same place. In other words, I expect the unexpected on Thursday. Keep at it ; )

cornbread hell said...

i liked this puzzle a LOT. i was sad to finish it. wanted more...

but i'm glad i didn't have to try to explain it to your readers.

Anonymous said...

Wow- what a puzzle; stuck on "Countryman of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer" I decided to google it and found this site. Thank you!! I had NO idea there were so many crossword enthusiasts- I'm addicted to them- but hey, they make me feel smart:)

Linda G said...

Welcome, Stephanie! I'm glad Google brought you here. My husband is amazed that there are so many of "us" out there. So far today there have been about 1,700 people at this blog.

I'm not sure that everyone is aware that this is the syndicated appeared in the New York Times six weeks ago (hence, the puzzle number 0726). If you go to the main blog (, you'll see a link at the top right that takes you to the syndicated puzzle for that day.

I hope you'll come back often...and they make me feel smart too. Sometimes ; )

Anonymous said...

i googled "target of chodrolaryngoplasty surgery" and got this link. wow, how cool! i was stumped on the key to this puzzle. so thanks
- but still wondering about the 10D answer 'nler' never heard of it!

Linda G said...

Anonymous 1:28, isn't Google amazing!

I don't remember how 10D was clued, but read it in a player in the National League. They still stump me with that (and ALer) every so often.

Thanks for commenting. Hope you'll come back.