Monday, July 30, 2007

Tuesday, July 31 - Allan E. Parrish

Today's theme is revealed at 29D: Word following the last parts of the answers to the five starred clues (walks). The five theme answers are:

20A: Line formatting option (triple space).

40A: Hipster (cool cat). Even I haven't heard that expression in forever. When I hear hipsters, I think ladies' undergarments (or bathing suit bottoms) that sit lower than the waistline.

61A: Education overseers (school board).

11D: College in Worcester, Mass. (Holy Cross).

33D: Kids' game (Pattycake). Toddlers' game is really more like it. I don't think you play pattycake with a child who's past the age of two.

The theme isn't rocket science, certainly, but the puzzle was entertaining enough, with plenty of good fill.

9A: 1986 Indy winner Bobby (Rahal). I wouldn't have had a clue about this, except that it was in last Sunday's puzzle. Another repeat of a recent answer appears at 70A: Der __ (Konrad Adenauer) (Alte). It was clued differently, but a comment was made (either here or at another blog) about Der Alte.

24A: Blockbuster aisle (horror). I don't watch horror movies...never have and never will.

31A: Coke competitor (Pepsi). I'm glad they weren't looking for something like crystal meth. The clue isn't totally accurate, though. Pepsi lovers don't think of Coke as a competitor, and Coke lovers know there is no competition. For the record, I don't drink either. My beverage of choice depends on the time of day. Sometimes it's coffee, sometimes it's beer...Sunshine Wheat, Fat Tire or Hefenweizen.

53A: Kind of pool or medal (Olympic).

56A: Common TV dinner (pot pie). No one in this house considers a pot pie to be dinner, but I guess adding "TV" makes it work. I'll admit that I liked them as a kid.

64A: Ring-tailed mammal (coati). They sure are funny-looking little guys.

69A: Old female country teacher (marm). Schoolmarm is the name of one of the ski runs at Keystone. This site names it the tenth best single ski run in North America. It must be a beginner run, or I wouldn't have done it. I don't ski any more...haven't in about 15 years...and Schoolmarm was my very last run.

2D: Last Oldsmobile to be made (Alero).

4D: Tennis star Pete (Sampras). This is the kind of sports clue I can get. Someone who's been in the news so many times that there's no way I could have missed his or her name.

5D: Grotto (cavern). I like the clue and the answer.

9D: Cesar who played the Joker (Romero). I know he played him in the old television show, but I don't know who played him in the movies. What? Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger!

21D: Sound reasoning (logic). For as long as I can remember, I've been a random thinker, and I've been married for almost 26 years to the most logical man I know. It's true what they say about opposites attracting...

35D: "Ricochet" co-star (Ice-T). Does this guy look like a Tracy Marrow to you? No way.

Here's the completed grid. As always, let me know if you spot an error in it.

And we'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...


Considering the great job you've done with your blog especially as you are new at blogging, I find it hard to believe that you are not a logical thinker. Presenting information in an orderly way does not strike me as random.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! I wouldn't know where to START with blogging the puzz. You are a natural, Linda!

My first thought on the common TV dinner was Salisbury Steak or Hungry Man. I was disappointed when neither one would fit. When I was a kid, we even had foldable TV trays that we used every Sunday night -- the drill was a TV dinner and a Coke during Walt Disney World. Me and my sister felt like the luckiest kids in the world!

Anonymous said...

Sunshine Wheat? Fat Tire? Hefenweizen? Never heard of any of them. I prefer wine(pinot noir) and an occasional double Jameson's Irish whiskey on the rocks to beer these days. When I was young I consumed lots of suds. The brands you mentioned have piqued my curiosity. I may return.


Linda G said...

Thank you both. It's nice to hear an encouraging rare out here on the range ; )

My thought processes truly are random. That's why speed isn't my thing on eyes dart all over the grid, reading a clue here, filling in an across, then a down.

My English professor called me an English-major-shouldabeen. When it comes to putting things in writing...that sort of comes naturally to me. It sure made it easier to go to college in my late 40s.

The foldable TV trays (metal) and the Wonderful World of Disney...I remember them well!

JD, if you try any of those beers, a slice of orange (squeezed) makes them all the better.

Anonymous said...

Allen, What kind of name for a private eye is 'TEC'?

Anonymous said...

Hello Linda,

I agree with drbob, what is TEC?
What I find interesting in this puzzle is, if you consider "laic" to be at the center (and not the coolcat-pardon me for yawing), then the laic can "walk" either towards the experience of "horror" or the experience "miracle."

I did wonder when you solved today's clue (29D); at what point did it become clear? Just curious.
Have a great day.
Jaya B

Linda G said...

I had three of the words that crossed WALKS...AGNEW, LAIC and it was pretty easy to figure it out when I got to 29D.

When the theme is revealed like this one (word following last part of answer), it doesn't really help (me, anyway) to get the theme answers. With last Sunday's puzzle, on the other hand, knowing that all theme entries ended in TH at least filled in those squares all over the grid.

And I'm with all of you on TEC. Is it maybe short for deTECtive?

Orange said...

Yep, TEC is short for detective.

I love Fat Tire! Mainly because it comes in those adorable 22-ounce bottles. Which I share. Though someday I'll get through one on my own. It'd have to be a hot day.

I've only had an orange slice in beer once. I think it was Blue Moon. Turned down the waitress's offer of an orange slice, which sounded nuts. Thought the beer tasted terrible. Reconsidered the orange and discovered the beer was delicious with it.

Linda, you rock for going to college in your 40s. I'll bet your professors all loved having you in class.

Linda G said...

Orange, thanks for clarifying TEC. That's one I won't forget.