Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sunday, July 8 - Elayne Cantor and Nancy Salomon

After the last two themeless puzzles, it's kind of nice to have a theme..for the hints, you know.

Today's is R-Rated Film Remakes. The seven theme answers, as well as links to the original (not R-rated?) titles, are:

23A: Remake about a red, white, and blue libido? (Lust in America).

32A: Remake about impiety during a storm? (Sinnin' in the Rain).

51A: Remake about a strip club? (Risque Business). [Update: I just checked to see its original rating and found some interesting quotes, which is where the link will now take you. How many of you remembered it was Joel who said, "Sometimes you just gotta say..."]

68A: Remake about a lecherous instructor? (The Naughty Professor). Funny, I had a discussion just the other day with a professor friend about this very thing.

88A: Remake about a TV station/F.C.C. controversy? (Broadcast Nudes).

106A: Remake about a holy person's slip? (Saint Misbehavin'). This was the last one to fall into place for me. I had the first letter blank for the longest time...until I realized that 106D: Logical Mr. was Spock.

119A: Remake about a ribald watchman? (The Bawdy Guard).

I know there are some out there who don't like puns (which appears at 112A, clued as Wits' bits). I wouldn't care for a steady diet of them, but I'm okay with them every now and then. And they're easy for me to figure out...wonder what that says about my sense of humor.

I really liked 30A: Boxer Marciano's given name (Rocco). That is just the best Italian name ever...his full name was Rocco Francis Marchegiano. My grandparents all came from Italy and Sicily, and we have some pretty good names in the family...Luigi and Giuseppe were my two favorite uncles, although we called them Uncle Louie and Uncle Joe.

I always like to see multiple word answers, and this had some good ones:

25A: Now and then (at times).

124A: Pamper (cater to).

127A: Represses (keeps in).

3D: It's not worth pursuing (lost cause).

10D: Buttered someone up big-time (laid it on).

33D: Just for laughs (in fun).

56D: Rent (lease out).

85D: "Whatever you want" (I don't care)

And my favorite...89D: Where a whodunit is solved (at the end).

The only hold I know is a nelson (well, other than a half nelson), and I was pleased that it was a gimme at 87A: Hold in the gym. Here's what it looks like.

I did not know 24D: Gather in a condensed layer (adsorb). I can hardly write the word. It feels and looks so wrong. But I looked it up after finishing the puzzle, and it means exactly what it says it does. I know abductor and adductor, as in muscles, so I guess absorb and adsorb can work. Still looks very strange.

I'm back from a two-hour break for dinner (and mucho vino), so I'll call it a wrap. Check the links in the sidebar for further commentary...there's so much more to love. Ooh, before I favorite clue/answer. 16D: Fans' sounds (whirrs). I had the RRS in place and just knew I had something wrong. Yeah...what was wrong was my way of thinking.

See you tomorrow, when I'll be doing double duty. In addition to being here, I'll be at Green Genius, blogging the New York Sun while Robert hits the beach.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Linda G

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Norrin2 said...

I'm with you on "adsorb," way too dyslexic-looking.
I like puns but this was rough-going for me, at least in the southeast, where I became very attached to "LEWD" (instead of bawdy) at 119-Across and even though I couldn't make it work I didn't want to give it up.
Thanks again for helping me out.