Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday, July 14 - Victor Fleming

I didn't solve Victor Fleming's Saturday puzzle until close to 11 last night and was way too tired to blog.

I've started contemplating the blank grid before I start to know, the design made by the black squares (which are actually light gray the way I save ink). Anyway, I wasn't under the influence of anything. Just liked the patterns these last couple of days.

Now on to the puzzle, starting with the wrong answers I initially had.

20A: Former Shea players (Beatles). I was trying to put in a team name, and you know I know squat about sports.

40A: Shucks, so to speak (lies to). Like shuck and jive, I guess. I was thinking like shuck corn. Any day now we'll start getting Olathe sweet corn, the very best corn grown anywhere. For weeks on end, we will eat one or two ears of corn for dinner...occasionally with nothing else. It is to die for.

49A: Cape wearer's field (magic). I was thinking Batman and Superman, so I had crime.

51A: Focus provider? (Ford). How clever was that! After trying to think what you'd call that part of a camera, I realized where they were going.

1D: Waldenbooks alternative (BDalton). We don't have either of those here anymore. They've been replaced by Barnes & Noble and Borders, which is what I entered.

2D: It's sweet, it's said (revenge). I had success at first, but I guess it's more the smell of success that's sweet. Anyway, revenge is so-o-o-o-0 much sweeter. Just kidding, folks. I'm more likely to forgive (37D: Not hold something against) than to take revenge.

Things I liked:

14D: View coral reefs, maybe (snorkel). I love snorkeling. In just nine weeks, we'll be in Kauai where I plan to do a lot of it. By the way, be thinking about being a guest blogger during the two weeks I'm gone!

28D: Folks guilty of disorderly conduct (slobs). I love the answer, but slobs disgust me. I was in an apartment yesterday that was just awful. I don't understand how people can live that way...dirty dishes in the sink, cigarette butts (disgusting anywhere) floating in glasses of Pepsi. Yecch!

49D: One of the Gospels, in a Spanish Bible (Mateo). I loved this! Bible and foreign language rolled into one!

You had to love 8D: "Hey!?" (What's the big idea!?) running vertically down the center of the grid. After I ran through the across clues, I had only the B and the final A, so it took some time to piece that together. The B was from 37A: Molotov cocktail, e.g. (firebomb) and the A from 63A: Levied (assessed), both gimmes/good guesses that panned out.

Ooh, and I loved 15A: Infernal (devilish). Such a good word. It conjures up images of something...well, devilish.

We rarely make it through a week without a couple of Pope clues. I liked today's at 16A: Any of six popes (Adrian). I could only remember John, Paul, George and Ringo. No irreverence intended...any series that starts with John and Paul has to end that way. For me anyway.

17A: It's heard at many a wedding (Ave Maria). It wasn't done at mine, and I don't recall hearing it at any of the weddings I've attended. Did any of you have it at your wedding? It's a beautiful song, to be sure. I'm not a big Celine Dion fan, but we have her Christmas CD. She sings Ave Maria better than I have ever heard it. It's well worth $13.98, and it qualifies for Super Saver Shipping!

While I'm not crazy about the answer, I'll bet all mothers out there liked the clue for 59D: Family V.I.P.'s (mas). I do not ever want to be called Ma, or Mama. My younger daughter will call me Mama just to irritate me, which she does very well and very often. Anyway, our importance is acknowledged, and not just on Mother's Day.

Well, Don and the dogs are out on the deck waiting for me. I was invited to join them, but I said, "in a bit" (56A: "Not right now"). It's been a half hour, though, so I think it's time.

Have a good weekend. Be safe.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

power of suggestion -- just came home from a farmers market with some... fresh-picked corn.

see what power you hold over your readers?!



Anonymous said...

Linda: I agree with you about Ave Maria. Don't remember ever hearing it as a wedding song. Maybe I'm not going to the right weddings : )

I think that one needed a more appropriate clue.

Otherwise really liked the puzzle.

Linda G said...

Janie, you're funny ; )

I think you'll both like the Sunday was fun. I've got a couple of things to do tonight, though, so I probably won't blog until morning. See you then.

Anonymous said...

I did end up googling "ave maria wedding song" and it does say that it's one of the most popular wedding songs.

Well, go figure to that. I sure never heard of it.

Howard B said...

Went to a wedding a few weeks ago where it was sung (beautifully, too). Many people there said they fondly remembered when it was sung at theirs, their friends', or their relatives'. Just to put in a late vote for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice commentary about my Saturday puzzle,

Vic Fleming

Linda G said...

Well, thank you, Vic...for the puzzle, for coming by, and for commenting ; )

cornbread hell said...

i'd love to guest blog.

"hi! i'm linda g's guest blogger today, but i don't have the puzzle yet because i'm such a tightwad i ain't gonna pony up the bucks for a subscription. nana-nana-nana..."

whatcha think?

Linda G said...

Well, I think no one would bother to come back for a while ; )

But if you're semi-serious, you could pony up for a one-month subscription.