Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday, June 5 - James Sajdak

James Sajdak isn't a familiar name...that always makes me think it's a debut. Doesn't was an enjoyable Thursday puzzle. I wasn't up for a rebus tonight...bone tired a theme just added to my enjoyment factor.

The theme was revealed at 57A: Where things are freely bought and sold...and what the starts of 17-, 23-, 36- and 46-Across do (open market). This is Pike Place Market in Seattle...the very best open market I've seen. When we were there a few years ago, we bought...among other things...all kinds of seafood, including giant crabs, and shipped them home. It was heavenly.

The theme answers:

17A: Tiny sideshow attraction (flea circus).

23A: Old weather forecaster (Farmers Almanac).

36A: When a big game is caught (Super Bowl Sunday). Sweetly deceptive clue.

46A: Roosevelt group (Bullmoose Party).

Most of the theme answers came readily. I have no idea how I could be on anyone's wavelength tonight...I can barely keep my eyes open.

Favorite clues and/or answers include 5A: Clothing retailer on the New York Stock Exchange since 2006 (J Crew), 15A: "A Dog of Flanders" novelist, 1972 (Ouida), 16A: Rapper with the gold-record album "O.G. Original Gangster" (Ice T), 21A: Short race, for short (one K), 29A: Israel's Olmert (Ehud), 32A: Citynicknamed Gateway to the West (Winnipeg), 40A: Remove, as a mustache (shave off), 41A: Title film role for Robin Williams (Garp), 52A: Guiding beliefs (ethos), 62A: First name in horror (Bela), 1D: Daily trippers? (oafs), 2D: Sign of treble? (G clef), 3D: Radio host Gibbons (Leeza), 10D: Do anything to help (lift a finger), 24D: Like land in urban renewal (redeveloped), 43D: "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" lyricist (Lerner), 44D: Missing links? (apemen), 46D: Arty topper (beret) and 48D: Disputed holy city (Lhasa).

This next week is going to be nonstop...delivering furnishings to the apartments, having documents signed by the residents, getting things together for the dedication. If you're interested in guestblogging, drop me an email and I'll get things set up. Otherwise, I may be in and out for the next week or so.

Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you soon.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

That was a fun one. I had COld for COMA, and didn't know ATTIC, so Farmer's Almanac took some doing.

In "Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates", a Tom Robbins novel partially set in Seattle, there is a wonderful description of Pike Place Market. It makes one want to reread it, read it aloud, try one's and at writing, buy fish, and start using the word "one" instead of "you". Pretty remarkable.

NYTAnonimo said...

We miss you Linda. Hope the work/moving is going smoothly. Looking forward to your return.