Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday, June 8

A quick update...we're still working madly to get all of the furniture and furnishings in place. One of my projects has been buying (no, don't make me shop!) everything except the major appliances and furniture. Buying for 23 units without duplicating so much as a bedspread or shower curtain...while staying within a budget...has been a challenge. Elaine is still here, putting together furniture. She got a big, fat paycheck yesterday, but is happy to be taking today off. I'm not that lucky, although I can work from home addition to last-minute shopping.

Feel free to post a puzzle problem, question or comment. I enjoy the fact that you're always there for one another...I don't want that to end just because I'm not blogging the day's puzzle.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

Ugh! I am a hopeless wreck without your help. Woe is me.I am doomed to a day of self pity and angst.

Bill from NJ said...


Saw you in "On the Beach" yesterday. You look just like your picture