Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monday, June 23 - Andrea Carla Michaels and Patrick Blindauer

Monday's puzzle is a joint effort by two constructors who definitely aren't strangers to the New York Times...but I'm pretty sure it's a first for them as a duo.

The theme answers are all things that one might say to those who didn't come in first.

17A: Words to a fourth runner-up (Win some, lose some).

26A: Words to a third runner-up (You did your best).

43A: Words to a second runner-up (We still love you).

58A: Words to a first runner-up (Close but no cigar).

I'm always impressed by answers that span (or nearly span) the grid, so these were no exception...although I can't imagine saying the first or the last to anyone.

Favorite answers include 16A: Radar sign (blip), 22A: "Casablanca" star, informally (Bogie), 35A: Push out of bed (roust), 37A: Swiss artist Paul (Klee), 38A: Height's companion (width), 39A: Jack who pioneered late-night talk (Paar), 42A: Alice's cake instruction (eat me), 4D: Science lab glassware (test tube), 10D: What paper towels do (absorb), 11D: What paper towels do to a toilet (clog), 12D: "La Bohème" soprano (Mimi), 29D: Call in the Alps (yodel), 32D: Killer whale that does tricks (Shamu), 34D: Distort, as data (skew), 39D: Salary indicators (pay slips), 44D: Cups, saucers, sugar bowl, etc. (tea set), and 56D: "Peter Pan" dog (Nana).

That's all for tonight. Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

After my experience with the difficult clue on Saturday [Iberia:Spain::____:Chile], I approached 40 across in today's puzzle with a bit of trepidation. Looking at [Un:France::___:Germany], I thought, you can't fool me again...Un must be an airline!

Unknown said...

I often say, ironically, "close, but no cigar." I've always thought that involved some game where you had to get it just right, and if you did that you won a cigar.