Monday, May 26, 2008

Tuesday, May 27 - Adam G. Perl

Adam Perl's Tuesday puzzle was a real gem. I caught on to the theme rather quickly, but I wasn't sure how he was going to wrap it up.

The three theme answers span the grid horizontally. In-the-language phrases have ID removed...the new phrases are then cleverly clued.

17A: E.S.L. class, perhaps? (scene of an acc*ent).

36A: Seedy hangout across the Atlantic? (continental div*e)...the funniest of the bunch.

56A: Hip-hop critics? (rap* response team).

The theme is revealed at 52D: Reason to be barred from a bar...or the theme of this puzzle (no ID).

I'd love to know how Adam (or any constructor) comes up with an idea for a theme like this. To find three phrases that are originally 17 letters, each containing ID...then to be able to craft a pun to clue just amazes me.

How many of you noticed that he managed to work his name into the the first and last across answers? 1A: "Fall" guy (Adam) and 65A: 1995 Physics Nobelist Martin L. __ (Perl). That's just too good.

Good connected cluing at 34A: With 44-Down, "Wuthering Heights" actress (Merle / Oberon). Here she is as Cathy, with Laurence Olivier as Heathcliff. I should add this to the list of classics I want to see.

Favorite clues in the puzzle:

5A: Three, it's said (crowd).

15A: Slot machine fruit (lemon). I really thought it should be cherry...the only fruit I could remember...but I couldn't make it fit.

47A: Makes verboten (bans).

61A: Get off one's behind (arise).

23D: Kid you might feel like smacking (brat).

25D: First name in scat (Ella).

54D: "Aquarius" musical (Hair).

Favorite answers include 16A: Enterprise alternative (Avis), 22A: Main line (aorta), 23A: Harris's __ Rabbit (Br'er), 29A: Save for a rainy day (salt away), 64A: Meal with readings (Seder), 7D: Actor Epps (Omar) and 10D: Puget Sound city (Tacoma).

Elaine and Jesse came over tonight with fresh rainbow trout...he wrapped them in foil and cooked them on the grill. Delicious! So I was late getting to the puzzle and blog, and now it's almost 11:00...and time to wrap it up.

Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

I know I should be focused on today's write-up, the Br'er Rabbit image is nice and all, but I keep skipping down to that magnetic picture of Secretariat.

Anonymous said...


When I was a Grad student at the Univ. of KY in the early 80's, I had the opportunity to see Secretariat in the flesh. Like many retired athletes, he put on a few pounds, but was still a sight to behold (and he knew it!).

Dogs Plot said...

Adam does a new NINE letter crossword every day for