Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday, May 17 - Mike Nothnagel

I don't think I've ever been this late getting to the blog...certainly not when it was one of Mike Nothnagel's puzzles. I solved it last night...with a bit of outside help...but I figured I'd blog this morning while Don and the boys slept in. They surprised me by all getting up at usual weekend blog time. After coffee, we took the boys for a walk. Now it's 10:00 and I'm just starting.

In many ways I was on Mike's wavelength...with answers like 8A: Helper after a crash (techie), 14A: Big syrup maker (Hershey), 16A: Together (as a team), 21A: Jacket locals: Abbr. (bks), 28A: Newsman Roger (O'Neil), 30A: Turning point? (dime), 36A: Star of the 1970s detective drama "Harry O" (Janssen)...the star formerly known as The Fugitive, 41A: One of the Bobbsey twins (Nan)...her twin is Bert, the other twins are Freddie and Flossie, 55A: Caused to disappear over time (ate away), 56A: Grateful person's reply (I owe you), 1D: Swindlers, in slang (sharks), 2D: One of two sides of a story? (he said), 4D: Popular perfume (Estee), 11D: Distant stars? (has-beens), 12D: Motto of a 1950s grass-roots movement (I Like Ike), and 34D: Terrifying thing to be thrown into (lion's den).

But in so many ways, I wasn't...

1A: Places such as Anatevka in "Fiddler on the Roof" (shtetls). I have a feeling we've had this before, but that combination of letters just looked so wrong.

32A: Moves briskly and easily (waltzes). I had every other possible word in there...the only one I remember now is breezes, which worked with 5D: 1979 novel, 1983 film and 2002-07 TV series (The Dead Zone). I needed a lot of crosses to get that...haven't read, seen or even heard of it.

38A: __ hold on (put a). I had just for entirely too long.

50A: Cardinals' wear (red hats). I thought this might have been about birds, but no. Their hats are more like beanies, though, so I had red caps. That was to be my downfall.

53A: Elegant fabric (brocade). Again, I had several wrong answers here, although I can only remember taffeta. When I finally realized that 41D: Dieter's request, perhaps was no mayo, I knew where to go with the fabric.

58A: Jumper's cables? (tendons). What a great clue. I was thinking along the lines of cables in a knitted item, although I don't recall ever seeing a knitted jumper.

7D: Signs (symptoms). I had the SYM, but I really thought it was some strange plural of symbol. Symbolae?

36D: Not much at all (just a bit). I was actually on the right track, but I had just a tad at first...which is why I wanted taffeta at 53A.

My favorite of the long answers was 22A: Dreaded victimizer of Charlie Brown (kite eating tree)...poor Charlie Brown. Others were 44A: Torch song subject (unrequited love) and 24D: Of a university's relationship with its surroundings (town and gown).

Other favorites include 31A: Smart (swanky), 37A: __ Hargreaves, first woman to complete a solo climb of Everest, 1995 (Alison), 48A: Site of a much-visited mausoleum (Agra), 57A: Want to know (wonder), 13D: "We'll give a long cheer for __ men" ("Down the Field" lyric) (Eli's), 23D: Not natural (alien)...wanted something to do with music notes, 31D: "Rel√Ęche" composer (Satie), 33D: Intimate (allude to)...woe to those who didn't read the clue with a long A sound, 38D: Four and four, say (pair), 40D: Crime syndicate sobriquet (Bugsy), 42D: Photographer who was the inspiration for "Funny Face" (Avedon), 43D: Shape-shifting Greek god (Nereus) of many, and 45D: Land of Wahhabis (Qatar).

One more...mostly for the picture. 15A: Designer of a stained-glass window in the U.N. building (Chagall). It's just stunning...I wish I could say that I've seen it. Be sure to click on it so that you can see the detail.

Well, Mike, you beat me on this one. I couldn't have finished without Googling two or three things, and I still ended up with something wrong...because of red caps. That made 51D: Bamboozled cad instead of the correct had...and Qatar (which I didn't know) became Qapar. Harris at water and waves came to my rescue. It was comforting to know that he also needed outside help.

I hope you all have an enjoyable day. I have a busy one ahead of me...postponing my no-drive day until tomorrow, when we plan to take a long bike ride. I hope my legs (and other parts of me) will survive it. I haven't been on a bicycle since I hurt my shoulder...a year and a half ago.

Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

You're right, the Chagall is lovely. And with all those grid lines it looks like it belongs in a crossword puzzle!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from sunny Florida!

Sorry to fluster you on this one. Consider yourself Charlie Brown and this your personal kite-eating tree. :)


cornbread hell said...

what? you're gone? again?

haven't been around for a great while, but when i get a chance i'll always look for you. (i still check email every other week or so...)

take care.