Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sunday, May 25 - Elizabeth C. Gorski

Another delightful Sunday puzzle by one of the masters. To my knowledge, Elizabeth Gorski has never done a puzzle that wasn't top quality.

The title of the puzzle, Spy Glass, didn't give me much of a clue as to the theme. I managed to nail the across answers in the northwest corner, though...and I couldn't help but see the answer to 3D: *1962-67, 1971 (Sean Connery). It was easy enough to guess that we'd find all of the James Bond portrayers in the puzzle, along with his signature 39A: [See instructions in Notepad] (martini)...pictured when you connect the circled letters, in accordance with those instructions.

I don't think I've seen a James Bond movie with any of the other 007 actors, but I somehow knew all of them.

23A: *1969 (George Lazenby).

48A: *1973-85 (Roger Moore).

68A: *1987-89 (Timothy Dalton).

115A: *1995-2002 (Pierce Brosnan). If I could ever let go of the Sean Connery image of my impressionable teen years, Pierce Brosnan would probably get my vote.

71D: *2006- (Daniel Craig).

Elizabeth wrapped things up with 72D: Bond common to the answers to the six starred clues (James). For good measure, she added 90A: Writer born May 28, 1908 (Ian Fleming) and 33D: Title for 48-Across and 3-Down (Sir).

It's good that I knew so many of the long answers, because there were a few things that were complete unknowns...or otherwise escaped me.

13A: Ottoman V.I.P.'s (Aghas). I'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking of the other kind of ottoman.

110A: 2003 best-selling fantasy novel by teen author Christopher Paolini (Eragon).

123A: Artist Watteau (Antoine) of those that escaped me until I had a few letters in place.

14D: Like some wrestling (Greco-Roman). I know as much about wrestling as I do any other sport, so I looked it up. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Greco-Roman case you decide to take it up. I think I'll lifting skills wouldn't cut it.

15D: Tennis star Mandlikova (Hana).

53D: March 25, in the Christian calendar (Lady Day)...not in any calendar I've ever seen.

I have so many favorite answers. Some of the best:

1A: How architects' models are built (to scale).

61A: "Smooth Operator" singer (Sade). I haven't heard this in forever. I also like "The Sweetest Taboo."

77A: Semitic deity (Baal).

80A: Gut course (easy A). No such thing...if it's so easy, how come some people get a C or D in it?

88A: Ventured (forth) (sallied). I learned this in a puzzle in recent months and just love the expression.

102A: Mexican beer (Corona). One of my favorites...right up there with Sunshine Wheat and Fat Tire.

119A: New Jersey city, county or river (Passaic). My high school best friend was from Passaic, so it was a gimme.

4D: Attire with supersized pockets (cargo pants).

38D: "The Allegory of Love" writer, 1936 (C.S. Lewis).

66D: In song, "Once you pass its borders, you can ne'er return again" (Toyland).

68D: Fights (tussles).

77D: Rock guitarist once married to Goldie Hawn (Bill Hudson). Thank you, Kate...that's the only way I remembered his last name.

87D: Night lights (auroras).

Favorite clues include 50A: Moles' production (tunnels), 82A: Alexander Hamilton's last act (duel), 97A: Offering from St. Joseph (aspirin), 99A: Willy Wonka's creator (Dahl), 105A: "Lost" filming locale (Oahu), 121A: Name-drop, maybe? (erase), 8D: Chairman's supporter? (Maoist), 51D: Butterfly experts, perhaps (swim team) and 74D: It's full of holes (golf course).

We spent the better part of the day cutting up a tree that snapped during some high winds...fortunately missing the house. A long soak in the hot tub is just what the doctor ordered.

Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


wendy said...

Always a treat to have a Liz Gorski; she is really a mondo-talent in the world of constructors.

Liked the FEELS BAD-ON DEMAND-TO SCALE answers; makes for less crosswordese.

I had Keg instead of WIG for quite some time, with predictable mayhem ensuing. Also Wind for GUST, making that whole little cluster a royal mess, but I dug through it eventually.

Couldn't remember GEORGE LAZENBY to save my life, but the rest of the theme stuff was very gettable. Hmmm ... gives me an idea for today's blog post.

Anonymous said...

Well, after yesterday. Which was one of the hardest puzzles I've ever done. This was a nice relief.

I had several gimmes the first run through -- which was good. What helped so much was I got 71A DJs and 77A Baal, and 83A that got me 72D "James" then figured that it had to do with James Bond. All that was left was to remember the actors who played him. hmmmmm

Knew some....not so much 23A but the rest I either knew or they came to me with some crosses.

Nice Puzzle. Very fun! Loved the martini glass etc.