Monday, April 7, 2008

Tuesday, April 8 - Dave Mackey

It was cold and rainy all day today...after three weeks of beautiful weather. I've been in my flannel pajamas since I got home...looking forward to a good night's sleep before heading out to a 7:30 meeting tomorrow morning. Dave Mackey's puzzle couldn't have had a more timely theme.

17A: Ronald Reagan movie (Bedtime for Bonzo).

30A: Doris Day movie, with "The" (Pajama Game).

48A: Rock Hudson movie (Pillow Talk). If I'm not mistaken, he and Doris Day co-starred in both movies. This is from "Pillow Talk."

63A: Barbara Eden TV series (I Dream of Jeannie). I absolutely loved that show as a kid, although I don't think I'd care to buy or rent the DVD. Barbara Eden hasn't changed much. Larry Hagman...much.

And all this talk of pillows, bedtime, pajamas and making me...very...sleepy.

Favorite answers in the grid include 10A: Émile who wrote "Truth is on the march" (Zola), 22A: Cuban boy in 2000 news (Elián), 25A: Chat room shorthand for "Here's what I think" (IMHO), 37A: Greg of "My Two Dads" (Evigan), 38A: Honda with a palindromic name (Civic), 43A: 2001 title role for Audrey Tautou (Amélie), 47A: __ Irvin, longtime cartoonist for The New Yorker (Rea), 67A: Old newspaper sections (rotos)...short for rotogravures, 10D: Of the animal kingdom (zoologic), 28D: "Spider-Man" director Sam (Raimi), 31D: __ the Hutt of "Star Wars" (Jabba), 34D: Pioneering 1940s computer (ENIAC) acronym for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, 36D: Annabella of "The Sopranos" (Sciorra) and 41D: Subject of a 1976 film "ode" (Billy Joe).

I like the connected cluing at 71A: Have-__ (lower economic group) (nots) and 8D: A world without 71-Across (Utopia).

Favorite clues include 15A: More than sore (irate), 19D: Didn't act up (behaved), 44D: Stand-in for "you" in "Concentration" (ewe) and 49D: Captain of industry (tycoon)...I didn't think they were looking for a Superhero.

It's 9:20 and Don should be home soon. A week from tomorrow and this will be behind us. He's looking forward to taking off some time to putter around the house and yard. I'm looking forward to a normal routine.

Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

Would that there had been a movie starring Doris Day and Jabba the Hutt. I didn't know the EVIGAN/ENIAC crossing...I figured you'd have it, Linda, but the "numerical" was a bonus. EVIGAN is still struggling to settle in....French maybe? Good to learn of another REA.

Warning, the following could be of little interest: when ELIAN was in the news, before that absurd closet break-in, and I saw some reference to him as an alien, being he was form Cuba, I kept hearing "Elian, Alien", to the tune of Donovan's "Jennifer, Juniper" dancing around my head.

MBG said...

Another easy one.

Didn't know Greg EVIGAN, as I don't watch much of what prime time TV has to offer.

I knew ENIAC, but I didn't know what it stood for though, so thanks for that, Linda.

I've never played Concentration so I don't get the substitution of EWE for you.

Wasn't it John Raitt, reprising his Broadway role, who starred in in PAJAMA GAME with Doris Day, not Rock Hudson? I believe it was his only film. He had a magnificent, warm baritone voice. I had the pleasure of seeing him in summer theater-in-the-round as a young teen and have never forgotten the impact of his voice.

Linda G said...

I think you're right about John Raitt.

Concentration had pictures in lieu of words...hence, ewe for you. It's been a very long time, but I think you had to match symbols and get a tic-tac-toe...either that or I'm making it up.

I sent karmasartre a nasty email this morning for putting that damn song in my head ; )

Linda G said...

No, tic-tac-toe wasn't right. Maybe you had to come up with a saying of some kind.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about, 'cause I sure don't!

Linda G said... it is.

wendy said...

Glad you got that cleared up - I've been out of the box all day and missed the excitement. I used to watch that show but couldn't have told you what the schtick was. My favorite game show was Password with Allen Ludden, though. And of course Jeopardy.