Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monday, April 28 - Gary Disch

Gary Disch is no stranger to crossword construction, but this may be his first New York Times puzzle.

I enjoyed this one...a pretty fine Monday puzzle, with some out-of-the-ordinary fill.

The theme is revealed at 41A: Making out...or a hint to this puzzle's four hidden articles of clothing (necking). The theme answers:

17A: Boardinghouse sign (ROOMS TO LET).

64A: Halifax's home (NOVA SCOTIA).

11D: Favoring common folk (ANTI ELITE).

34D: Daytona 500 enthusiast (NASCAR FAN).

I don't understand the inclusion of a note in AcrossLite...17- and 64-Across and 11- and 34-Down each conceals an article of clothing. It seemed pretty easy to figure out the theme without it. Maybe because it's a Monday puzzle?

Best fill in the puzzle includes:

5A: Mafia bosses (capos).

15A: Japanese cartoons (Anime).

23A: Katmandu resident (Nepali).

25A: Snarled mess (tangle). I think this would qualify as a pretty nasty one.

46A: Perfectly clear (lucid).

54A: Slave (thrall). That doesn't seem like a Monday word, but it was a nice addition to the puzzle.

62A: Eskimo home (igloo).

67A: El __, Spanish artist (Greco).

70A: Church council (synod).

71A: God of war (Ares). That's definitely one to shows up fairly often.

4D: Church songbooks (hymnals).

10D: Snoopy, for one (beagle).

31D: Lennon/Ono's "Happy __ (War is Over)" (Xmas). We wish. Here they are, along with some beautiful children singing the background.

33D: Language of Lahore (Urdu).

45D: Shaded passageway (pergola)...a great word.

56D: Valley known for its chateaux (Loire). If you didn't know this, and you didn't know the cross at the L (thrall), you could have been in deep trouble.

Favorite clues include 1A: "Miss America" might be printed on one (sash)...although the thought gags me...and 32A: Many conundrums have them (puns).

Elaine and Jesse were here for dinner, so I got a very late start blogging. I had done the puzzle as soon as it was available online...probably should have just done the blog then. Now it's late, and I'd better call it a night.

Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


DONALD said...

I can't believe we both did the giraffe thing!

wendy said...

Love those giraffes! Gives a whole new meaning to the word NECKING ...

"Eskimo" continues in the puzzle despite its pejorative connotation in Canada and Greenland. Maybe Will justifies it because it's still used in Alaska and Siberia, according to wikipedia. I still think the NYT should discontinue its use, but I don't know how many more times I can say this.

Anonymous said...

Fun Puzzle for a Monday...I really don't get how 41A ties into the theme....was unaware that Eskimo was a pejorative term...thanks for the heads up Wendy

Linda G said...

Donald, it was just a matter of time. A couple of weeks ago, JimH and I posted the same picture two days in a row.

Wendy, keep pointing it out...sooner or later Will will take notice.

Bob, re: how 41A "ties into" the theme...I'm not sure if your comment was intended as a pun (if so, it was a very good one) or if you didn't catch that the hidden items of clothing are all worn around the neck. It's sometimes hard to read intent in a comment ; )

Anonymous said...

Linda, wish I could tell you I was making a pun but I did not get the relationship between NECKING and the hidden words until just now...DUH!!! Thanks for clearing it up for me

Anonymous said...

Bilingual conundrum: What did Le Monde use as a headline upon learning tennis player Guy Forget was moving from the riviera back to Paris?

"No More Mister Nice Guy"

(pronounced "knees ghee", of course)