Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friday, April 11 - Manny Nosowsky

I'm not feeling up to par tonight and need to get myself to bed early. Pair that with a killer puzzle by Manny Nosowsky and that means...

I'm not even going to attempt to solve it.

I just checked, and Harris has posted the grid at Water and Waves. Holy cow! Not only did he have no trouble with this one...he posted one of his best times. I guess he and Manny are on the same wavelength.

When I made the decision to return from my short sabbatical, the deal I made with myself was simple...if I couldn't have the puzzle solved and the blog written by 10:00 (assuming I was working the next day), there would be no blog for that night.

I wondered if I'd be able to live with that...and the answer is yes. I'll bet the rest of you will be, too.

I do want to point out one (the only?) gimme for me...37A: 1954 title role for Ava Gardner (Contessa). I guess that makes 28D: Coca-Cola brand (Fanta)...which probably makes 28A: Three-time Masters winner Nick (Faldo).

Okay, no more stabbing at to bed.

This cartoon sums up how I feel tonight...puzzlewise.

See you tomorrow.

Linda G


mellocat said...

Great cartoon! You might wake up in the morning and find the puzzle not as much of a killer (I often do). Good idea to not let blogging dictate when you must solve the puzzle. Solving on a schedule to blog could take a lot of fun out of solving, I think. I hope you are feeling better in the AM!

Anonymous said...

It's true. This isn't nearly as difficult as it first appears. I couldn't believe I actually finished it only googling one clue--which, in retrospect, I could have gotten on my own.

Hope you had a good night's sleep.

Liffey Thorpe

Anonymous said...

he, he... very cute cartoon. Reminds me of something that just happened the other night.

Jim and I were at the piano and I sang something about “laying in a field of pop pies.” He stopped playing, looked at me and said “Pop pies?” We burst into laughter and could not stop!

Linda G said... today I was able to finish the puzzle leisurely.

But I remembered seeing HAS A LOT GOING FOR from when I checked to see if Harris had posted, so I'm not sure that counts. I stand by my assessment of this as a killer puzzle...all that white space!

Pop pies...too funny. It's nice to see you here, Robin. I've enjoyed spending time at your blog, checking out your art and pictures of the cute little guy...I don't mean Jim ; )

Anonymous said...

Linda - I like you found this to be a nightmare of a puzzle. I cannot remember when I have been this frustrated in solving. Add to this that yesterday morning the DSL was down and hence no help from Google. I checked in on your site this morning and just from the 1A answer posted above, finished it off in 10 minutes (I already had most of the bottom half of the puzzle completed. For reasons unknown, I had the answers for the long ones across in my head, but wasn't writing them out because I couldn't get the short crosses to work. My hat's off to Mr. Nosowsky on what I found to be a killer Friday CWP!!