Monday, August 6, 2007

Tuesday, August 7 - Daniel Kantor

This one came together fairly easily tonight, despite the fact that I don't watch any of the TV shows where the theme answers might have been spoken.

20A: "Just like that!" (badabing). I'm not even sure if that's one word or two, but it probably doesn't matter.

25A: "Not on your life!" (fuhgedaboudit). Again, I'm clueless., but it very definitely looks wrong no matter how I write it.

42A: "Yeah, wanna start something'?" (you talkin' to me). I do remember this from The Lion King, but I don't think that's what they mean.

50A: "The Sopranos" clip?...or where you might hear 20-, 25- and 42-Across (mob scene).

So while this was a little bit (or a lot) over my head, there was enough good fill to keep me happy, many of which I've never seen in a puzzle.

1A: Liquor holder in a coat pocket (flask).

14A: Milk: Prefix (lacto). [Update: Thanks to reader JD for pointing out that 5D was kit bag, which makes this lacti.]

22A: Electronic toll-collecting system in the Northeast (EZ pass). The one in Denver has a similar name...enough that I was able to guess this one.

30A: Torment (harass). I worked with a lawyer about 30 years ago, who pronounced it with the accent on the first syllable. Come to think of it, Ross is the one who got me started on the New York Times puzzle way back then. Too bad I didn't keep it up.

9D: Army barber's specialty (buzz cut). It's also my specialty...actually, it's the only haircut I can give. Don's my best (and only) customer.

26D: Heavens: Prefix (urano).

28D: Religion with the Five Pillars (Islam).

41D: Start of an Ella Fitzgerald standard (A Tisket). Never heard of it...thank urano for the crosses!

44D: Like some sacred art (iconic). Good word.

Nice tie-in between 2D: Content of some cones (lava) and 11D: Italian source of 2-Down (Etna).

Uzi is back at 58A (Israeli-invented gun). Other regulars returning include 3D: Nailed (aced), 10D: Ran off to the marrying judge (eloped), 23A: Walk in water (Wade)...nice to see it clued other than in relation to Roe...and 36A: Rick's "Casablanca" love (Ilsa).

Here's an update (43D: Timely news bulletin). In the past (that is, the blog for the syndicated puzzle), a reader asked to see pictures of Dooley and Barnabas. For anyone else who'd like to see my sweet boys (and my girls), you can find them here.

I just noticed that a letter is missing in the grid. 32A: Temporary drop (saG), crossing with 33D: Good time, slangily (Gas). Oversights like this could cost me at ACPT! [Update: Error at 16A. Should be lacti.]

See you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

42A Robert DeNiro was absolutely frightening in "Taxi Driver" practicing his gun routine.

I believe 5D is Kitbag.

I think 41D represents Ella's first recording, "A tisket, a tasket, I lost my yellow basket" She was the greatest.


Linda G said...

JD, you're so right about KIT BAG. I just plowed ahead with LACTO and never even looked at the down. I'll update the post.

Never saw Taxi Driver...I liked Robert DeNiro too much to ever be afraid of him.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did not like the puzzle - go ahead say it! :-)

This blogger is too polite - I am going to Rex Parker!!

[All in jest, of course;as a constructor, I do appreciate these blogs being gentle on the constructor]

Linda G said...

nitpicker, I wonder who you are...this constructor? Another?

I've been known to be less than polite from time to time, but until I can construct a puzzle as good as those that are published, I don't think I'm in a place to criticize those who can.

Whoever you are...thanks for coming by.