Monday, August 27, 2007

Tuesday, August 28 - Linda Schechet Tucker

This was fairly easy for a Tuesday puzzle...and I checked my solution, so there won't be a repeat of yesterday's faux pas. My face is still red.

The theme is revealed at 62A: Where the first words of 17-, 26- and 47-Across may be found (herb garden). The three theme answers are:

17A: It's worth listening to (sage advice).

26A: Sherlock Holmes portrayer (Basil Rathbone). A long gimme, which also gave me a heads up on the theme.

47A: Perfect shape (mint condition).

It's too bad rosemary wasn't in there. They could have clued it in relation to Rosemary's Baby. I can't believe that was 1968...I was still in high school. What was I doing watching movies like that? Digression following, complete with the recipe for tonight's dinner. Boneless chicken thighs, lightly oiled and rubbed with brown sugar, rosemary, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Grill on medium high heat five minutes each side. Serve with dipping sauce (1 cup orange marmalade, 1 tsp rosemary, 1 tsp rice vinegar, warmed up). It was absolutely delicious.

Back to the puzzle...starting with what I didn't know but got from crosses.

4A: "The Song of __," old French epic (Roland). I'd have been sunk if I hadn't remembered that lava is the source of basalt (6D) and that Fort Ord is the former Army post on Monterey Bay (5D). Don was stationed there in 1969.

44A: Laughing (riant). I can't believe I've never heard this word used in my life. I was sure I had something wrong.

61A: River of Switzerland (Aare). These damn European rivers will be the death of me. It didn't help that I wasn't familiar with 54D: Knife handle (haft). The A was the last square I filled in...playing the vowel game until the puzzle was accepted.

3D: English philosopher called "Doctor Mirabilis" (Roger Bacon). I took Philosophy but I don't remember this guy. I had all of the acrosses, though, so I never even saw the clue.

Boy oh boy (10D: Cry of glee), I liked some of the multiword answers. In addition to that one (and the theme answers), we had 21A: Conduct a survey (ask around), 54A: Variety of rose (hybrid tea), 30D: They're controlled by the moon (ocean tides), 38D: Catcher of sound waves (outer ear), and 48D: Dated (old hat).

31D: "Peter Pan" dog (Nana). Everyone knows Nana, unlike Cinderella's dog from a recent puzzle.

Liked 36A: Where San Diego is: Abbr. (So. Cal.). I was pretty sure they weren't looking for Calif.

60A: Decorative sofa fabric (toile). According to this article, toile is making a comeback and can be used in any room.

52D: Old Oldsmobile (Alero). How can it be considered old when it was made until 2004? An old Oldsmobile is a Cutlass...I had one a hundred years ago.

That's all for tonight. Here's the (100% accurate!) grid...

See you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...


To make up for yesterday's embarassment, I got "moire" instead of "toile." Until I read your blog, so now I'm the one that is embarassed -- actually I'm OK with being wrong. As I say : "there is nothing wrong with being wrong." You can quote me on that.

Anonymous said...

These "mea culpas" are depressing me. Linda, it just shows that you're not a bear drinker. And anyone can have a slip of the finger, Prof. So the two of you, lighten up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda G for your great blog ! I'm a New Yorker who could barely finish a Tuesday puzzle, but reading your blog has helped me learn and now I can get through Thursday ! on to Friday .....

Anonymous said...

Linda, Thanks for telling me how you get the inner lines in the puzzle was helpful to know that it is not my printer or something I am doing wrong!!!!
Yor chicken recipe sounds great...think I'll try it tonight.
Have a good day

Anonymous said...

Beer. We all make mistakes!

Linda G said...

I don't remember when I laughed this much so early in the morning!

Profphil, you are very wise...I will remember your SAGE ADVICE.

Anonymous 6:06, keep up the good work...and thanks for letting me know that the blog's been helpful.

JD, you were the one who made me laugh! I'll drink beer...but not bear ; )

Bob, I have to do puzzles under very bright light. Not just the vague lines, but those damn numbers are so small. Enjoy the chicken. It was so good we each ate three pieces. Downright piggish of me.

Anonymous said...


Moire wasn't a slip of the finger it was my answer. I knew moire is a watered silk often used on wall-paper and just went with it. It did seem odd for a sofa. The crosses didn't make much sense but I was too exhausted to care.