Sunday, August 12, 2007

Monday, August 13 - Andrew Ries

Get yer daily paper! That's the theme of today's puzzle...revealed at 5A: With 72-Across, the end of 20-, 37-, 44- or 59-Across (DAILY/PAPER). The four theme answers...the last word is commonly used as part of a newspaper name...are:

20A: 1951 Montgomery Clift/Elizabeth Taylor film, with "A" (Place in the SUN).

37A: Venus (Morning STAR).

44A: Place to do business in the Old West (Trading POST).

59A: 1987 Prince song and album (Sign o' the TIMES).

They didn't include our local paper (The Sentinel), but growing up we had the Palm Beach Post in the morning and the Palm Beach Times in the afternoon. They merged in the late eighties, long after I'd left south Florida. Both papers are now called the Palm Beach Post. I can't imagine having the time to read a morning and an afternoon paper. Maybe they don't do puzzles.

This certainly wasn't rocket science, but it was an entertaining puzzle with a bit of interesting fill.

14A: Hiker's snack (Gorp). Mmmmm. Anything with chocolate in it has to be good.

28A: Kindergarten learning (ABCs).

40A: Puppyish (cute) is paired with 67A: Dog that's a little of this, a little of that (mutt). And speaking of cute mutts, here's a link to a previous post featuring pictures of Dooley and Barnabas.

66A: Scott who wrote "Presumed Innocent" (Turow). An excellent book. The movie wasn't bad, but I can't think of a time when I preferred the movie over the book.

8D: Many an art print, for short (litho).

10D: Bach's "__, Joy of Man's Desiring" (Jesu).

11D: Hand protectors for bakers (oven mitts). How appropriate. I just used mine to take a peach cobbler out of the oven. Talk about mmmmm. It's peach time in western Colorado.

36D: Earned run average, e.g. (statistic). That's the best word in the grid, especially if you were solving from the bottom up.

38D: Actor/composer Novello (Ivor). Don't know this guy, but it's a great crossword name.

53D: Man of many marches (Sousa). I always forget and put a Z instead of the second S...and I did it again today. Made it a bit difficult to come up with a word for 69A: In unison (as one)...which was much easier to get when I spelled the man's name correctly.

63D: Still-life object (ewer). This doesn't seem like a Monday clue for ewer. I thought it should be some kind of fruit.

It's always nice to see a reference to my home state in the puzzle. 58D: __ Park, Colo. (Estes). If you ever get a chance to visit that area, don't miss it. The scenery is breaktaking. You can see some of it by clicking on this link to Trail Ridge Road, part of Rocky Mountain National Park. There's also a nice tie-in at 30D: Rugged rock formation (crag). You'll see them all over Colorado. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful state.

Here's the daily grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


DONALD said...

Mmmmm, sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your nice comments. This is the first puzzle I have had published...and it happened to be in the New York Times!!!! Hope you see my name on the byline many more times.

--Andrew R.