Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thursday, May 3 - Richard Chisholm

I was really doing well when I started this puzzle. Had a few blanks here and there. Not bad for me and a Thursday. At one point, I looked at the puzzle. If you drew a line diagonally from the SW corner to the NE corner, I had the entire left side of the puzzle. The right side wasn't looking too good.

I always cringe when the theme answers are clued to one another. I managed to get 61A (party) and guessed--correctly--at 62A (line), to get the clue for the three 15-square answers.

19A: Political script

37A: Old phone service

50A: Have we met before

Had a tough time with the first one, but I got old phone service right away. We had a party line growing up in Florida. Don and I also had one in Arkansas in the early eighties. We didn't even have to dial the exchange--just the last four digits. Aaah, small town USA.

I guess you could say that Have we met before is a line one could use at a party. Don't try it with me, though. It won't work. Weak there, weak here.

I liked that 1A: One left hanging after an election? (chad) and 1D: Redden and crack (chap) were so similar, but I wrote them in the wrong places, which made me lose a minute or so. I knew 13A: Dwellers at First Mesa, Ariz. (Hopi), but was Pixie Cup an off-brand that I hadn't heard of? Once I discovered my error, 4D: Disposable picnic item rightfully became Dixie cup.

12D: Jack Kerouac or Allen Ginsberg (Beat). Read more about the Beat Generation here.

Liked 5D: Tomfoolery (antics). Both are good words. Wasn't antic just used in the Groucho Marx clue?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who got hung up on 9D: The second of January? (short A). At one point, I thought it must have something to do with the second letter, but there were just too many squares.

Long day ahead of me, so I'm calling it quits. Goodnight.

Linda G


DONALD said...

Just left the Rex forum in his Comments section where all and sundry are in etymological high dudgeon over itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny, including IDOL, which the Times electronic version left out the blank which should follow the clue "False", e.g., "False____." Lord almighty, what will they do in a real emergency!

Liked your blog today, your writing always makes me feel the real-world side of working the puzzle, which I am sure so many others who read this blog appreciate!

Have a great day!

Linda G said...

I sometimes wonder if I should continue to do this, but your comment about the real-world side of puzzling reminds me why there's a need for YET another crossword blog. We all have different takes on the same puzzle, and we all have our different writing styles.

Thanks, Donald : )

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Donald said, I appreciate your "down to earthliness". I hope you keep on keepin' on!