Monday, May 7, 2007

Tuesday, May 8 - Sarah Keller

It's so good to be home.

The theme of Sarah Keller's Tuesday New York Times puzzle is revealed at 64A (phases of the moon). The three theme answers are:

17A: One not taking just a few classes (full time student)

27A: Magazine with the recurring heading "Onward and Upward With the Arts," with "The" (New Yorker). I subscribed to the New Yorker for two years and never once noticed that.

49A: Kind of sale (half price). The very best kind. Even better when I get the additional 20% off for being 55 -- very, very soon.

Clues/answers worth mentioning:

20A: Catholic prayer book (missal). I still have the one I received when I made my First Holy Communion, about 48 years ago. It's sometimes hard to let go of sentimental things like that.

2D: Lanai neighbor (Maui). When we went to Maui, we stayed at the Kaanapaali Beach Hotel, described as Maui's most Hawaiian hotel. It wasn't the most elegant place (maybe three stars), but it was very clean and comfortable, and they treated their guests like family. The kind of family that likes one another.

32A: Comedian Fields (Totie). I remember seeing her on the Michael Douglas Show. She was a very large woman and she joked about her weight. My favorite was, "I've been on a diet for two weeks and all I've lost is fourteen days." She had a lot of health problems, including a leg amputation, breast cancer, and a mastectomy, but she continued to perform. She was truly an amazing woman.

38A: Typo, e.g. (error). Noteworthy because it also appeared in the Sun, cleverly clued as Trial associate?

My time was fairly fast on this puzzle. I got so many of the Acrosses that I completely missed several of the Down clues, such as:

41D: Kinks hit with a spelled-out title (la-la-la-la-Lola). They don't make songs like that any more.

30D: Cried out in pain (yowled). I guess I've never been in that much pain.

19D: Join forces (unite). That reminds me of a funny T-shirt I saw. Bad Spellers of the World Untie.

33D: Singer Lopez (Trini). His full name was Trinidad, but that's a very cool nickname. His biggest hit was "If I Had a Hammer."

I enjoyed guest blogging for the Fiend, but it is good to be back. There's really no place like home. Goodnight, Dorothy. Goodnight, Toto.

Linda G


DONALD said...

Welcome home!

I referenced your blog (for further reading) today, for readers who would like more than I wrote.

Yes, it was an overdose of puzzling this weekend, wasn't it!

TGI Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, Linda, I'm sitting here staring at a copy of The New Yorker, which I do subscribe to, and I have no idea what is being referred to with that "recurring heading." So much so that, when I answered HOWLED instead of YOWLED for 30D, I was still none the wiser until I realized that there was no such thing as the NEW HORKER. ;)

As puzzles go, pretty dull, I thought.

DONALD said...

Wendy, you are so right, it is one of the dullest puzzles in a long time and Linda was so kind to it! Oh, but check Rex, he's in love!

Rex Parker said...


That t-shirt makes little sense, as a bad speller would never misspell UNITE. UNTIE is not a plausable mispelling. It's mor of a TYPO.

Keep up the good werk,

Howard B said...

I just sent out my New Horker subscription form, too - imagine my disappointment in finding out it doesn't exist. Now I'll never know exactly what a Hork is, and I can't get my money back :(.

Rex, I've made mistakes like that while writing out greeting cards. It's bad enough that my handwriting looks closer to heiroglyphics than English to begin with. Does that fit into the 'typo' category?

Incidentally, I've also seen a bumper sticker that read something similar to 'Untied Dyslexic Church of Dog'.
*(PC Disclaimer - I am not poking fun at learning disabilities, that's not my thing. Just relating what I've seen).

Linda G said...

Rex, you're so picky, but you're right. In Howard's greeting card scenario, it would be called a writeo ; )