Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thursday, May 17 - Alan Arbesfeld

It's Thursday, and we all know what that means.

You know the answer + it just won't fit in the grid = REBUS.

And Alan Arbesfeld gives us a great rebus at that. The theme is revealed at 55A: Special CD release...or a hint to this puzzle's theme (boxed set). The word set appears in four long theme answers, and another in the center of the grid.

17A: Ones with a family connection? (SiameSE Twins), intersecting with 18D: Begin (SET out).

64A: Shrewd bargainers (horSE Traders), along with 65D: Scrap (SET to).

10D: Fail to keep tabs on (loSE Track of), sharing its set with 19A: Takes root (SETs in)

36D: Be very, very sorry (curSE The day). This gets the award for best 46A: Much higher than normal (falSETto).

And in the center of the grid, 41A: Former European money (peSETas) and30D: Decimal (baSE Ten).

This was the best rebus I've ever seen, and I say that because it's the first time I figured it out on my own!

For 10D, I had *O**ACKOF, and I was 99.99% sure that it had to be lose track of. I cautiously penciled in set, and everything just started to fall into place. Now I see how you can love a rebus. The aha moments just keep happening, kind of like...well, it was good.

Was totally amazed to see 20A: Straight (hetero). I thought for a minute I was doing the Sun puzzle.

Had never heard of 59A: Punish by fining (amerce). All of the downs were in place, so I knew it had to be right. Doublechecked the old Webster's. Yeah, it's there.

Maybe it's just the brand I wear, but 40A: Hose hue (ecru) doesn't ring true with me. Little Color and Barely There, yes. Ecru, no.

Clever cluing at 23A: It's not forked out (soup), 37A: Await delivery anxiously (pace), 66A: One of a noted nautical trio (Nina), 41A: Hardly a marksman (poor shot), and 61A: Bureau add-on? (crat).

52D: Hardy perennial (peony). Mine have been full of buds for a few days. When I came home this afternoon, there were about a dozen beautiful white peonies on one bush. I planted them in memory of my Dad's brother, who called them pe-OH-nies.

That's it for tonight. Dave (a/k/a evad) is the guest blogger du jour at Diary of a Crossword Fiend. Be sure to check it out.

Linda G


barrywep said...

Good job Linda. Did you notice the great AVA clue in Karen Tracey's themeless Sun puzzle?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Linda, fabulous rebus. Kept me on my toes, but delightedly so, no tedium at any turn. My aha moment was when I had penned in SIAMESWINS and had some portion of BOXEDSET so from then on I was a happy camper, looking forward to seeing where else the SETs lurked.

Loved IBID; I had just typed that earlier in the day as I was wrapping up the endnotes for an article I wrote for a client. I love it when life and the puzzle converge.

You're ahead of me on the PEONY scene. Buds are there in full force, but haven't opened yet. Lots of other stuff going gangbusters though! After such a tough winter it's the biggest relief.

Anonymous said...


The peonies talk reminded me of a funny incident with my Mom. She used to garden and had planted some peonies. Once on a walk with her around the block we passed a neighbor's garden with peonies in it. My Mom was suprised to see how well the neighbor's peonies were doing. She turned to me and said: "Her peonies are bigger then mine." To which I retorted: " Peonies envy, Mother."

True story.

Linda G said...

Thanks for the laugh, profphil.

I'm still working on the Sun puzzle. I had lunch with friends, so that cut into my puzzle time.

And in two hours, I need to do the NYT again...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Linda,
I saw your message to me at Donald's. Thanks.


DONALD said...

Linda G

Your AVA campaign has extended to The Sun!