Thursday, May 31, 2007

Friday, June 1 - David Quarfoot and Katy Swalwell

If you're a regular reader, you know that I've been unable to finish the last two David Quarfoot puzzles. But here it is, a Friday puzzle, and I finished it.

It must have something to do with Katy Swalwell.

Stacks of nine-letter entries, some eight-letter stacks, and a couple of twelve-letter entries. I'm not calling this an easy puzzle, but none of the fill was extremely difficult. That said, several of the clues needed to be revisited more than a couple of times.

The twelve-letter entries:

6D: The Elite Eight are associated with it (March Madness)

21D: Subject of some sightings (Elvis Presley). Not to be confused with 10D: Subject of some sightings (UFO).

My favorite nines:

1A: White-bearded, red-capped patriarch (Papa Smurf). Raise your hand if you were thinking St. Nicholas.

57A: Wally Schirra commanded it in 1968 (Apollo VII). I had just gotten my driver's license and was trying to command a 1965 Mustang.

62A: Plain (easy to see). Once I got past the ordinary mindset, it was easy to see where they were going with this one.

And the eights:

34D: Environmental awareness topic (acid rain). Makes me think of a Kelly Clarkson lyric. It's the lies that drop like acid rain.

12D: About three grains (one carat). I initially thought they were referring to bread. If they're talking gems, I've only heard of points for measuring less than a carat.

Other favorites:

33A: Symbol of contrasting principles (yin yang)

41A: Slip acknowledgement (I goofed). Priceless...although the word looks funny sitting there.

59A: All-natural abode (igloo).

26D: A little after, timewise (ten past). They continue to come up with different ways to clue telling time.

32D: Good sign? (halo). Not omen.

44D: Words on a heart (be mine). Not timely, but sweet.

I need to keep this one short. I have an early morning appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to see the MRI results and determine where we'll go with my shoulder. I take some small amount of comfort in the fact that the injury isn't age-related. For some reason, it's more acceptable/tolerable to have a sports-related injury. I'm a sick human being.

Linda G


Norrin2 said...

Just when I thought I might be getting on Quarfoot's wavelength! I was sailing right through this one, getting PAPA SMURF and ELVIS PRESLEY right off the bat, making near-record time in fact then I skidded to a halt in the NE corner and never got going again. I still got don't US OF A, how is that G.I.'s sod any more than it is an average citizen's?

Orange said...

Look at you, quoting Kelly Clarkson songs! Admit it—you're not really an old broad at all, are you?

Linda G said...

Robert, I didn't get US of A until I saw how you'd written it out. How embarrassing to admit that!

Sorry, Orange, I am an old broad, as you will see at ACPT next year. I don't know what that says about my music interests, though...I'm eclectic ?

Rex Parker said...

"Gone" is a great song. It was not a single (that I know of), so to know that lyric (not one of the best), you'd have to own the album ... yes?

Good for you.

Linda G said...

Yep, own it. If it had come out many years earlier, "Gone" would have been the song about the end of a relationship I was in for some time.

You were wrong
If you think you can walk right throught my door
That is just so you
Coming back when I've finally moved on.

And I'm into lyrics, so I've memorized almost all the songs on Breakaway so I can sing along on trips.

Linda G said...


through my door.

God, I hate typos.