Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday, March 6 - Pamela Amick Klawitter

Last night I posted an "Out Sick" notice. This morning...since I'm staying home...I decided to do the puzzle. And I LOVED it!

Pamela Amick Klawitter isn't a name I recognize, but Google tells me that she's Dr. Pamela Amick Klawitter, she's written books, and she's had other crossword puzzles published...none that I recall having seen.

The theme was revealed at 57A: Poker cry...or an apt title for this puzzle (I'm in). The four theme answers are in-the-language phrases, each with IM added somewhere in it, then clued in clever...and at least two very amusing...ways.

20A: "American Idol" judge who wastes money? (Prodigal Simon). While I've never seen the show, even I know that Simon Crowell is one of the that part was easy to fill in.

27A: Nodding picture? (Image of consent). This kept bringing to mind "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde. I think that means I should read it again. If you haven't, you can read a bit about it here.

43A: Geologist? (sedimentary job). This was one so was such an accurate description of the job. I have several friends who are geologists, and I hope I remember to share this with them.

51A: Moment after a bad pun? (grimace period). Don't we all have those on a regular basis while doing crossword puzzles? This was definitely my favorite.

I didn't find this all that difficult for a Thursday puzzle, but there were a few unfamiliar words. Fortunately, they were gettable from crosses.

6A: Country addresses, for short (RFDs) in Mayberry. The F was the last square to fall for me. I had RRDs, thinking rural route deliveries. I don't have a clue what the F stands for...I'm sure someone knows and will share.

17A: Twig broom (besom). That's one of those words that I've never heard...and a minute later I think I have. Weird.

44D: Heath plants (Ericas). It didn't help that I read the clue as health plants.

I was proud to get 6D: Late-inning pitching, maybe (relief)...a sports clue, and you all know that's one of my weak areas.

Wasn't sure about 41D: Home of Galileo Galilei International Airport (Pisa) until I got 52D: Farewell in 41-Down (ciao). I'd had enough of those letters to guess that...then the P (from 41-A Prefix with norma [para]) made it easy to guess the rest of it.

I liked the connected cluing at 30D: Primary figure (one) and 50A: Spanish 30-Down (uno).

And I loved the cross of two very classic (and classy) actresses...18A: Turner of "Somewhere I'll Find You," 1942 (Lana) and 8D: Actress Merrill of "Desk Set" (Dina). Bonus points if you can identify all four actresses in this photo from "Desk Set" without Googling. I confess that I don't know the one on the far left.

Favorite clues and/or answers include 33A: Obligation (onus), 35A: George who once led the C.I.A. (Tenet), 48A: D'__ (according to: Fr.) (apres), 49A: Jon Stewart asset (wit), 63A: Fraternity letter (Theta), 66A: "Lazy" one (Susan), 4D: Cause for opening a window (odor), 11D: Sci-fi figures (apemen), 12D: Didn't play (sat out)...the only multiword nontheme answer, 23D: Reprehensible (vile), 29D: First name in late-night (Conan), 35D: Mary Tyler Moore headwear (tam), 40D: Animal that howls (lobo)...Dooley and Barnabas also like to howl, 46D: "Jackson" (twenty) and 48D: What nouns and verbs must do (agree) clue.

I also like 38D: Deems in court (adjudges)...the double double consonants make it a good word.

Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't point out 55D: Home of Pearl City (Oahu)...but I don't have any new pictures of Oahu to show you. Just this same old the top of Diamond Head. It's one of only a few pictures we took on Oahu. Mostly we slept off the time difference.

Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

You made the right decision -- I just stopped by to see if there was anything to really say about this puzzle, but I guess there isn't!

Anonymous said...

Linda...hope that you get better soon

Anonymous said...

The theme in today's puzzle was fun. My favorite was 51A - Grimace Period. I have to admit that it was a slow solve for me for a Thursday. Maybe I'm just foggy from getting over Strep Throat...

Linda, I hope you feel better. Get loads of rest.

Linda G said...

Thanks for the good wishes. As I write this, I'm blogging the puzzle. Solved it this morning and loved it.

Check back in a half hour!

Anonymous said...

The F in RFD stands for Free - Rural Free Delivery; my father was a letter carrier for 30 years. I better know that! I love your Blog. My puzzle solving skills have really improved since I've started checking my answers against yours. Thanks

Linda G said...

Thanks, jl, for clarification and your nice comment.

My father and one of my brothers were carriers, but both had city routes. My mother and other brother were window sister is a postmaster. I chose the legal field over the post office, so I'm the only one without a nice retirement...poor planning on my part ; )

Anonymous said...

I was right with you on Dorian Grey. If memory serves, that's Hanauma Bay in the background behind you and Mr. G (?). I only recognize Kate among the desk set. Please reveal. I once knew someone with a RFD address in Pennsylvania who referred to it as Rural F***in' Delivery.

Glad you're back at it......

Linda G said...

Dina Merrill is at the far right...Joan Blondell (I always loved her raspy voice) is between Dina and Hepburn. Does anyone know who that is on the far left?

Bill from NJ said...

That is Sue Randall, best known for playing Beaver Cleavers' teacher, Miss Landers. in "Leave it to Beaver"

Linda G said...

Thanks, Bill...mystery solved.