Thursday, March 27, 2008

Friday, March 28 - Barry C. Silk

For several months now, Barry Silk has been inching his way up my list of favorite constructors. His late-week puzzles are his best...stacks upon stacks of long answers, including some not often seen in puzzles. I'm too lazy to check it out at xwordinfo, the sister site to The JimH Crossword Blog, but feel free to see how often these answers have appeared in a New York Times puzzle.

15A: What seeds may be found in (tourney).

20A: Stadium snack (soft pretzel).

32A: __ Pacific Airways (Cathay). I've never heard of it and needed crosses to get it.

34A: Drag during the day? (need a nap) of my favorites.

40A: Part of some complexes (neurosis). Did I ever get hung up here...all because of 26D: Not loco. I was using the wrong had sane rather than the correct sano.

51A: Where to order a cheesesteak "wit" or "witout" (South Philly). I thought about including a picture of one "wit" (that means with the melted cheese-like topping). When I enlarged it, though, it just looked I decided to pass.

60A: Patron saint of Palermo (Rosalia).

8D: Cousin of a flea market (swap meet). That's what they were called when I was growing up in south Florida...where we had plenty of fleas. Years later I was invited to go to a flea can probably understand my hesitation.

38D: Best substitute on the court (sixth man). I had to Google to see what this meant. Most of you probably know that it has to do with basketball (not tennis...wrong court). You can read all about it here. Apparently, it takes skill and talent in several areas.

Things I learned from previous puzzles that paid off tonight include 18A: Setting for TV's "Matlock" (Atlanta), 43A: "Symphony in Black" artist (Erté), 57A: Six bells, nautically (three p.m.) and 48D: "Silas Marner" girl (Eppie).

In addition to the clue at 15A (see above), other favorites include:

16A: A mouse may help you get there (website).

19A: Layer that scratches (hen).

24A: Time to burn? (summer). I'm guessing we're heading for a scorcher. It's still March, and we've had highs in the upper sixties.

61A: Aid in picking things up (antenna).

63A: Make a point of (sharpen).

13D: Major conclusion? (ette)...ties in with 53D: Major start? (Ursa). For some unknown reason, both were gimmes.

I can't neglect to mention the long stacks. In the northwest...1D: Where it's happening (at the scene), 2D: Follows (comes later) and 3D: W.W. II shelter (quonset hut).

In the southeast...29D: How much of genius is inspiration, according to Edison (one percent)...the rest is perspiration..., 30D: Like typhoid bacteria, often (waterborne) and 31D: Gym shoes, e.g. (sportswear).

The sports clue that I did know was 28D: His #13 was retired in 2000 by the Miami Dolphins (Marino). They were my dad's favorite team, and Dan Marino is quite a man. Here's a short bio that's worth reading...and it has a baby picture. Awwwww.

Looks as though I'll be in bed by 10:30 tonight...much better than last night's 11:30.

Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

Linda - just for clarification, ordering a cheesesteak "wit" or "wit out" indicates whether you want fried onions!

Linda G said...

Well...that just shows how braindead I am. Obviously, cheesesteak would indicate that cheese would be involved.

Good Lord...I'm going to bed!

Anonymous said...

Linda, don't feel bad, I'm often "wit out" my "wit" as well. Fell for the SANe trap. CATHAY was a gimme, could be an age thing. Lots of clever clues....took me a while to get the the right kind of layer (HEN). I agree about the high quality of the long stacks...but I think there oughta be another name (other than stacks) for them since they're vertical. You stack rows and you ______ columns. The blogosphere will know.

Enjoyable puzzle and write-up -- thank you.

DONALD said...

Speaking of getting stuck on something -- I didn't want to let go of COG, which made SPORTSGEAR so sensible, but that electronic thing at the NYT made me change it to COW -- I'm not relenting, as I still think a bully can be a cog!

Anonymous said...

Fun puzzle for a Friday. I actually had an easy time of it today because I had a lot of gimmies....I guess Mr. Silk and I were on the same wave length.

wendy said...

I made it farther in this puzzle than I usually do on a Friday, so I'm happy about that - probably more than half before I had to say uncle. URB was a new one on me. I know we all say BURB, but I live in the city vs. the suburbs and no one here says URB, I assure you.