Monday, October 15, 2007

Tuesday, October 16 - Michael Kaplan

I thought this was fairly easy as far as Tuesdays go. The theme is revealed at 41A: Calendar units hidden in 20- and 61-Across and 11- and 35-Down (dates).
And the hidden dates are:

20A: Relax during a drill (stand at ease). Okay, so this isn't your run-of-the-mill soldier at ease...but it came up here when I Googled the phrase. You can have your very own, if you don't mind having a couch that's butt ugly.

61A: Sunshine State school (Florida Tech). I don't know if this was a gimme for everyone. If you grew up in Florida, as I did, you know it's called the Sunshine State. Add the TE, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the rest. Florida Tech is in Melbourne, near the Kennedy Space Center. You can read more about it here.

11D: Show sadness (shed a tear). When we cried (as kids, of course), our dad referred to them as crocodile tears. According to this article, crocodiles really do shed tears. Isn't that one of the saddest things you've ever seen?

35D: "Time to rise, sleepyhead!" (up and at 'em). This never worked in our house. We needed something like banging a metal spoon on a pan. The expression always reminds me of the cartoon superhero, Atom Ant. Here's a video of the show's's priceless.

Only one tough spot in the puzzle. 40D: Zwei follower (drei), crossing with 49A: Trojan War hereo (Aeneas). I wasn't sure how to spell either of them. Drii and Aenias worked as well for me, but Across Lite wouldn't accept it. For those of you who don't know German (including me...thankfully, Don does), zwei is two, drei (duh) is three.

Multiword phrases make Ava a happy solver. This puzzle had several, including 24A: Polite affirmation (yes, sir), 71A: TV shout-out from the team bench (hi, mom), 4D: "Nevertheless..." (even so), 42D: Lose the spare tire (slim down), 45D: Schedule B or C, e.g. (tax form), 52D: Chooses to participate (opts in), and 54D: "Impossible!" (no way).

Liked 2D: Bring together (unite) because it reminds me of a funny t-shirt. You can order your very own here...if you're so inclined.

Didn't really know 47D: Ancient Greek colonnade (stoa), but I got it from crosses. It does, however, lead me to the Word of the Day (WOTD). Stoma: a microscopic opening in the epidermis of plants, surrounded by guard cells and serving for gaseous exchange; a mouth or mouthlike opening; esp., an ingestive opening in lower invertebrates. For those of you with weak stomachs, I'll spare you a photograph.

I'm out of time and out of words. Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


QP said...

So jealous you guys can do the puzzle so quickly... I'm doing better, but after I take the kids to school, it takes me until now, or noon to finish ( and a lot of times I have to blog u).... disgusting

Anonymous said...


Yesterdays puzzle had Stoic and today's Stoa. They are related words as Zeno the ancient Greek philosopher and founder of Stoicism used to teach on a Stoa or collanaded porch. Once I learned this back in college, I can never hear either word without thinking of the other.

Anonymous said...


No reason to be jealous, crosswords are very repetitive in their entries due to limitations dictated by crossings -- there are hundreds of standard crossword entries -- after a while, one even gets to know the 10 or 20 ways each one of them may be clued.

Eventually, it's "Oh that one..."

Linda G said...

beata, anonymous is right. The more you do crosswords, the easier it becomes. And I am by no means fast.

profphil, I thought of the similarity between the two words but didn't realize they were related.

I can't believe no one commented on the ugly couch. Either everyone loved it...or their sensibilities were so offended that they couldn't think of anything to say ; )

DONALD said...

Oh it was ugly to be sure!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Beata -- the advice here is right on. It DOES get easier!

Don't worry about your speed or if you "have" to look someting up etc. Just enjoy doing the puzzles!

If you keep at it-- with some practice you'll get better. I have a friend who plays golf -- he wasn't "whatever it is" under par on the first go round.

Or if I decided to do knitting tomorrow probably wouldn't start with sweater....maybe a pair of socks or a scarf.

Point being....give it'll for sure aren't disgusting!

That's what is is all about IMO.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! what a find...didn't know this exhisted!!