Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thursday, October 18 - Lucy Gardner Anderson

It's a good thing I'd eaten dinner before solving this puzzle.

The theme is revealed at 38A: Hilarious...or a hint to this puzzle's theme (side splitting). The theme answers all describe a particular side (as in side dish), split into two entries.

5A: With 50-Down, steak go-with (baked / potato)

10A: With 68-Across, fish filet go-with (cole / slaw)

33A: With 44-Across, hot sandwich go-with (onion / rings)

1D: With 69-Across, burger go-with (french / fries)

I'm always happy to see multiword clues, and this puzzle had some good ones. 21A: Behind closed doors (in secret)...a gimme/good guess; 47A: Closed tight (sealed up); 54A: Make a ship stop by facing the wind (lay to); 55A: Newscast lead (top story); and 45D: 2003 #2 hit for Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz (Get Low).

Liked the clue for 6D: x, y and z (axes)...much better than referring to the tool for chopping.

Words not often seen in a puzzle (that I remember, anyway) included 25A: Well-founded (tenable), 34A: Like waves on a shoreline (erosive), 51A: White-knuckle (intense), 2D: Treat splendidly (regale), 3D: One saying "I do" (avower), and 48D: Go-getter (dynamo).

40D: The Beeb is seen on it (telly). I have no clue who or what The Beeb is, but I had the T, so telly seemed like a good guess.

Funniest clue/answer...but not really...appears at 60A: Airline rarity, nowadays (meal). That was actually my first thought, before even looking at the grid, but I was sure that wouldn't be the answer. Sadly, though, it's true. We flew all the way to Hawaii...a seven-hour flight...and got a package containing nine mini pretzels. On the way home, we had upgraded to first class, so we got cashews...probably no more than nine of them. I'm not suggesting that airline food was ever that good, but on a flight that long, a little sustenance would have been nice. From now on, I'll pack some nutritious...and filling...snacks.

That's it for tonight's puzzle. Feel free to comment on anything I may have overlooked, or just let us know your favorites.

Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...


I too thought meals but did not put it in until it was certain.

I believe the Beeb is the BBC which is watche on the Telly or British TV.

Anonymous said...

Linda, believe "the Beeb" refers to the BBC - N3

Anonymous said...

can someone explain how 6D... X,Y and Z equates to axes? My brain just does not get it.

Linda G said...

Beeb...I can believe I didn't know it, but I can't believe I couldn't figure it out. I should have said it aloud a few times.

Bob, x axis, y axis (don't remember a z axis, though)...but the plural is axes.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say "if your reading this Will Shortz, thanks for a Thursday puzzle that I could solve without any cheating!" And as always Linda thanks for your blog!

Unknown said...

the z axis is in the 3-dimentional grid

Anonymous said...

The Beeb is a British colloquial for the BBC channel, hence th Telly clue, which is their nickname for television.

Anonymous said...

The Z axis refers to depth on the grid, while x and Y refer to vertical and horizontal.

Anonymous said...

I still don't get 14A. Wedding Parties? Abbr. = REVS

Could someone help my feeble brain?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:07: I think they're refering to the reverends, those who perform the wedding.

Linda: flying out of the US you always get meals. At least we always have and we were in Europe this summer. And you didn't get a meal on an upgrade to first class? What's the name of that airline? I'll never fly that one.

cornbread hell said...

favorite clue - 14A: wedding parties/ abbr. *parties* is clever. and tricky. i had RELS. for a long time.

42A; brown in ads, UPS and 56A:1955 oscar...,ATI were totally had from the crosses by me.

64A: i always like to see dylan related clues/answers. and *sara* is a beauty of a song.

this puzzle was a snap. especially compared to the one 6 weeks ago. i'm off to comment on that one, then to do the puzzles from the last couple of days.


cornbread hell said...

maybe i should learn to proofread what i type, ya think?

Linda G said...

I didn't even see REVS...thanks for the explanation. I wouldn't have gotten it either.

JD, it was Southwest. In their defense, I should add that we left at 10:40 p.m. I did get my morning coffee in a ceramic cup, though, instead of styrofoam.