Sunday, October 21, 2007

Monday, October 22 - Lynn Lempel

I've often said that I love circles in a grid. This time, though, they didn't do much.

The theme is revealed at 57A: One who lost what's hidden in 19-, 34- and 42-Across (Little Bo Peep), and what she's lost are found at:

19A: Bandleader in the Polka Music Hall of Fame (LAWRENCE WELK)

34A: Creamy soup (CLAM BISQUE)

42A: Substantial portion (FAIR AMOUNT)

The theme answers...and the whole puzzle, in fact...seemed awfully easy, even for a Monday. Maybe I was just on Lynn Lempel's wavelength. I'm curious to see what you thought.

A couple of really good long answers.

3D: Made a stand and would go no further (drew the line). Good phrase and well clued.

25D: "Fantastic Voyage" actress (Raquel Welch).

And some out-of-the-ordinary answers as well.

14A: Like a manly man (macho). Much better answer than the often-seen hairy. I know plenty of manly men who aren't.

38A: City where Van Gogh painted sunflowers (Arles)...if it's been in the puzzle lately, I don't remember it.

41A: Pacific republic (Nauru). Didn't know it but got it from crosses.

68A: Branch of Islam (Shia).

70D: Jean who wrote "Wide Sargasso Sea" (Rhys).

6D: Color of fall leaves (ocher). Ours are orange and red, although the wind yesterday and today blew most of them off. It was lovely while it lasted.

8D: Rhinoplasty (nose job).

43D: Latin American with mixed ancestry (Mestizo).

I struggled briefly in the southeast. Didn't know 55D: Explorer who proved that Greenland is an island (Peary). Didn't help that I couldn't remember the middle initial for 54A: New Deal program inits. (WPA). Don to the rescue...he knew WPA.

Of course I loved seeing 28A: Dance with a wiggle (hula) and 60A: Hawaiian isle (Maui) in the puzzle. Here we are on the beach in Maui...I think this is behind Mama's Fish House, the best place to eat on the island.

Time to wrap this up. Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


cornbread hell said...

what i think? this type of puzzle is why i avoided monday/tuesdays before finding the blogs. but ya know what? i've learned to enjoy them. easy? sure. but "raquel welch" and "bra" both in the grid more than made up for that.

i liked seeing "bloke," too.
and precipitates (part of the 50A clue) is a favorite word.

so all in all, i'm ok with it. besides, the maui/hula answers precipitated your offering up a photo of you and don! BONUS.

*If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.*

wendy said...

Could the cleft in Stephen Boyd's chin be any deeper? It's like a crevasse! You could put a set of OXEN in there ...

I'm not really into LITTLE BO PEEP in my puzzles, but there were some nice entries here. LAWRENCE WELK and RAQUEL WELCH ... together again ;) BLOKE was definitely my preferred word of the day.

Had Crab BISQUE at first, which screwed some stuff up. I've never heard of bisque with clams, quite honestly. And it doesn't sound appetizing, either.

What is the difference between WHEW and Phew? I keep mixing them up and putting in the wrong one, if I remember from a recent puzzle.

Linda G said...

You're both too funny...

I also liked BLOKE but didn't mention it. If it seems as though I hurried through this one, I did. The hot tub was calling.

The only seafood bisque I've ever heard of is lobster. Guess that wouldn't fit into the grid ; )

Wendy, your question made me look up the definitions of the two words. Phew: a breathy, almost whistling sound used variously to express a sense of relief or to express surprise, disgust, etc. Whew: used to express variously relief, surprise, dismay or disgust; an exclamation or a sharp breathing sound. So...looks as though the whistling sound is the only difference. I guess it depends which letter is needed in the grid.

Anonymous said...

Omigod, you have a hot tub and you went to Hawaii? No wonder I read your blog.

Yep, this one was easy, but I liked some things like MESTIZO, ARLES, JEER AT, NOSE JOB.

Our fall leaves are better than OCHER. Hope you're all enjoying the color wherever you are.

Anonymous said...

I thought this one was difficult for a Monday and almost had to resort to a Google which I almost never do until Friday.

WPA , Rhys and Peary all unknowns in the SE corner. That's a lot for a MOnday. Knew mestizo but felt it was more a Tues or even WEd answer. I guessed WPA and know I've seen it a hundred times before in the crossword but can't seem to remember it.

Also had phew at first before I changed to whew. Phew seems to be more a word I would use.

MBG said...

I thought this was easy even for a Monday. I zipped through in record time for me. The only things I didn't get right away came easily with the crosses. That feels good!

I'm from the Boston area (on cloud nine right now - see you Wednesday Colorado), and I've never heard of clam bisque either, only chowdah.

I always wondered how Cary Grant and Stephen Boyd shaved those divots in their chins. Very carefully, I bet.

You look very happy on that Maui beach. :)

Linda G said...

Profphil, we struggled in the same area. I thought overall the puzzle was easy and you didn't. Funny how that goes.

Thanks for the update, Annielee. Wondered who the Rockies would end up playing. it.

Sue, where do you live that has such nice fall colors? I think the most beautiful place we've lived (for fall colors) was Mountain View, Arkansas. I haven't seen a New England fall since I was three and I just don't remember.

For the record, the Maui picture is from our first trip...two years ago...but it was a nice shot of sand and surf and fit in so nicely with the puzzle ; )

coachjdc said...

New Deal clues can be tough because it could be anything: TVA, NRA, WPA, PWA, CCC, AAA..... etc. The old New Deal "Alphabet Soup"
I didn't even look at the circles until I finished (usually don't) I see you pull out the "theme" every day, but I have a hard time with that. Guess my brain doesn't work that way.

Howard B said...

Nice puzzle, and a very nice Hawaii picture. Someday, I swear, I will make a trip out there, even if it requires a bit of swimming :).

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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