Sunday, February 3, 2008

Monday, February 4 - Dave and Tracy Mackey

That was some fourth quarter! Even when my favorite team isn't playing, that's the kind of Super Bowl I want to watch.

I searched for a picture of the final touchdown but couldn't find one...this was the best I could do. The Giants recovered from this mishap in the 21A: Touchdown destination (end zone)...and put an end to New England's perfect season.

I enjoyed the halftime show...Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were great. The commercials...not so great.

Newlyweds Dave and Tracy Mackey put their heads together to come up with several ways to say, "See you again!" -- the clue for the three theme answers:

17A...Don't be a stranger!

37A...Drop in any time!

59A...Y'all come back now!

The puzzle had its share of crosswordese, but there was plenty of fresh fill to balance things out.

The standard fare includes 25A: Tricky curves (esses), 27A: Bud's partner in comedy (Lou), 50A: In the style of (a la), 5D: Steamed (ired), 12D: Dictation takers (stenos), 23D: Just slightly (a tad), 30D: Stir up (roil), 33D: Fitting (apt), 40D: Chapters in history (eras), 43D: Austin Powers, e.g. (spy)...Green Genius will be happy that they left Mata Hari alone this time, 62D: Tolkien creature (Orc) and 63D: F.D.R. initiative (WPA).

And the good stuff:

14A: "Star Wars" princess (Leia). I always forget how to spell her name, so I needed a couple of downs to help with that one. Luckily, I knew 3D: The Reds, on scoreboards (CIN) and 4D: Words on a Wonderland cake (Eat Me).

15A: Dated yet trendy (retro). Good clue.

20A: Longtime CBS and NBC newsman Roger (Mudd). I imagine he grew tired of hearing that his name would be Mudd if he didn't do...whatever.

29A: __ B'rith (B'nai).

31A: "Veni, vidi, vici" speaker (Caesar).

55A: The dole (welfare).

69A: Where "you can do whatever you feel," in a hit 1978 song (YMCA). There were words to that?

8D: Kind of well (Artesian).

11D: Country north of Namibia (Angola).

26D: "Nobody doesn't like" her, in a slogan (Sara Lee).

38D: Duke or earl (nobleman).

45D: Clinton cabinet member Hazel (O'Leary).

48D: Weather map line (isobar). That's a word I learned from crossword puzzles.

56D: A polar bear might be found on one (floe).

There were a couple of things I didn't them from crosses. 57A: Chief Norse deity (Odin)...I know my Greek gods...and 67A: Former Cub __ Sandberg (Ryne).

That's it for this one. It's been a long day, and I'm ready to crash. Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


Anonymous said...

Wow what a game!!! As a Giant fan I really enjoyed it..the puzzle was very easy but fun

MBG said...

Very easy Monday puzzle, almost too much so to be enjoyable.

Congrats on the Giants' win, Bob. That was some game, but I can't say I'm not disappointed the Patriots amazing season didn't end on a high note.

Anonymous said...

Anniielee, thanks for the congrats...I too would have wanted to see the Pats go 19 and 0 if they were playing any other team!

wendy said...

Bob, you were right about Eli's Coming ;) Congrats on the victory!

Annielee, my condolences, but it sounds like you had a year over which you could be proud. I only wish I gave a hoot about pro football, but it was never on my radar screen growing up, not living in major league cities, and now that I do, I just can't get excited about it. (That would be the Browns ... )

What did Tom Petty & the HBs sing, Linda? Somehow I wasn't aware that was going to be happening or I'd have tuned in. I saw them live back in the 80s in a pretty intimate venue and loved them.

Linda G said...

Wendy, I knew I should have written them down. I can only remember three, and I know they did four...American Girl, I Won't Back Down, Free Fallin' -- does anyone remember the fourth?

You can see some pictures at their website ( Sorry, I never remember how to post links here.