Monday, September 24, 2007

catering. by Randall J. Hartman

36A: "sometimes you feel like__" (A NUT.)

food / don't upset the vehicle...seems to be the theme and i do feel like a nut for offering to guest blog for ava gardner while she's lounging on the beach.

the theme answers are . . .
-banana boat
-meat wagon
-turnip truck
-apple cart
-gravy train

meh. cute. better than typical tuesday cleverness, for sure. (if this were my blog...i'd likely go off on a tangent with the theme answers at this point. if you say those answers fast enough, it almost sounds poetic.)

but lucky for you, gentle readers, i promised Ms. G that i'd behave.

my favorite fill?
54A: Sen. Feinstein (DIANNE) don't worry linda, i won't go there.

56A: Pork chop? (VETO) hahahahahaha. i love it.

7D: Bullwinkle, e.g. (MOOSE) next to pinky and the brain, i guess rocky and bullwinkle are my all time favorite cartoon characters.

24D: Home run hero of 1961 (MARIS) i have seven of of his classic baseball cards.

45D: Party animal (PINATA) this one is just flat-out clever cluing.

and last, but Never least...

49D: Prop for Groucho Marx (CIGAR) normally i would give you a rousing groucho treatment here, but . . . i'd rather leave you with a bad photoshop of Ava's bare foot.

besides, i'm tryin' Really hard to be nice. ok? i'd hate to get censured on my 1st outing.
i hope to see you all tomorrow, rick.

i hope you're barefoot on the beach, linda g. and havin' the Time of Your Life.


wendy said...

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."

Oh sorry, I was channeling Groucho there for a second. Hey Rick, you've whetted my appetite for more of your commentary! What are you holding back???

PINATA and VETO were definitely marvy answers to inspired clues. Not typical of a Tuesday. Also enjoyed the food transportation mode themery. And so many of them! He could have stopped at three, but gave us five. Good job.

Thanks, Rick B. ;)

wendy said...

Never mind. I just read your blog. NOW I KNOW what you're holding back.:)

QP said...

VETO = porkchop ??? never heard of it

Anonymous said...


Tax legislation often includes a little pork for some anointed district back home.

Anonymous said...

Linda, hurry home.