Sunday, September 2, 2007

Monday, September 3 - Sarah Keller

I remember a time...not all that long ago...when I wouldn't even notice a theme like this one. I'd be happy becaused I finished the puzzle, then I'd read about the theme on another blog. So I was pretty pleased to catch it after only two theme answers.

The first word of each of the five theme answers are anagrams...and the theme answers are:

17A: Base for turkey stuffing, often (STALE BREAD). Actually, I use cornbread. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I'll share my recipe.

25A: Leave furtively (STEAL AWAY)...into the night.

35A: What the easiest path offers (LEAST RESISTANCE).

45A: Long-lasting housetop (SLATE ROOF).

56A: Sob stories (TALES OF WOE).

If you've been reading this blog for a month or more, you know that I love anagrams, so I was pretty happy with this theme.

There were just a couple of things I didn't know, but in both cases I got them from crosses:

33D: Painting surface (gesso). According to this article, it's the Italian word for chalk. I'd best remember that in the future.

38D: Annual hoops championship organizer, for short (NCAA). Well, I figured it was National Basketball-something, so I had NBAA. That created a problem, though, because there isn't a rapper named IBET. 42A: "O.G. Original Ganster" rapper (Ice-T) got me out of that hole.

I did like the stacks in the northeast...

10D: Thingamajig (doodad).

11D: Canada's capital (Ottawa).

12D: Snake charmers' snakes (cobras).

...and those in the southwest:

43D: Stack in a kitchen cabinet (plates). Kind of deceptive cluing for a Monday, but I liked it.

44D: "To be or not to be" speaker (Hamlet).

45D: Verdi opera (Otello). That shows up in puzzles from time to time. It's another good one to remember. Another regular is 22D: Carrier to Tel Aviv (El Al).

Also liked 4D: Legendary sunken island (Atlantis), 13D: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" author Ken (Kesey) and 21D: Preferred invitees (A-list).

Time to wrap this up. I have a house full of company, and I want to get back to them. Here's the grid.

Happy Labor Day!

Linda G


Anonymous said...

For the life of me I can never figure out the theme. Thanks. I never looked for one until I started reading your posts.

We have a houseful also-grandkids from age 4 to 24.

Anonymous said...


"Theme" is a grossly over-used term which solves nothing in crosswords.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:31

You're probably correct. It's just that the fact that there is something there that follows a particular pattern always escapes me.