Monday, January 7, 2008

Tuesday, January 8 - Malia Jackson and Noah Snyder

It was tough going to work today...I was really spoiled by two 4-day weekends in a row. I had hoped for a fun Tuesday puzzle, and I wasn't disappointed.

Three of the theme answers are clued identically...What you really saw? The three theme answers are:

20A (meteor shower)

28A (weather balloon)

46A (cloud formation).

The theme wraps up with 52A: What you thought you saw (flying saucer).

A fun puzzle, with some interesting nontheme fill.

1A: Desktop folder, e.g. (icon).

9A: William of __, known for his "razor" (Occam). If you're not familiar with him, or with the expression that bears his name, you can read about them here.

15A: Rock's Mötley __ (Crüe).

16A: He didn't give a damn (Rhett). Frankly, my dear...

36A: Z's (shuteye). That took longer to get than I'd like to admit.

58A: Tiny hairs (cilia)...but that one was a gimme.

65A: Raison d'__ (être).

67A: Abominable Snowman (Yeti). He looks pretty harmless to me. Is he giving us a peace sign?

3D: End piece? (obit). Clever clue.

6D: Defoe castaway (Crusoe).

9D: Big Brother's creator (Orwell). I haven't read 1984...should probably add it to my list for 2008.

21D: Hall's singing partner (Oates). Kiss on my List was my favorite, followed by Maneater and I Can't Go For That.

25D: With 13-Down, Pa. range (Pocono/Mts). Better known as simply the Poconos, it's a beautiful place...and a popular honeymoon destination.

28D: Part of a nun's habit (wimple). This was lodged in the back of my mind, and I really had to coax it out. The unknown cross at 35A: Co. that owns Parlophone records (EMI) was no help.

49D: St. Francis's home (Assisi). That's getting to be a fairly common answer...I've seen it more than once.

56D: Poet Pound (Ezra).

Other than EMI, the only other total unknown was 61A: "Scarface" star, 1932 (Muni). I can't believe I've never even heard the name. Here's more information on him for anyone who's interested.

I've got a 7:30 meeting, so it's time to wrap things up. Here's the grid...

...and I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda G


NYTAnonimo said...

Had to check your blog to find out what one letter I was off by Linda. Turned out to be WIMPLE-I wanted WIPPLE-turns out I was thinking of WHIPPLE-short name for an operative procedure that I've set up blood for in the Transfusion Service. That led to the discovery of this intersting web site. Don't watch it if you get queasy easily!

Anonymous said...

It was a fun puzzle for a Tuessday...a bit harder than normal but fun...I had some misspellings which gave me fits for a bit...thought that Quito's land would have a Q in the abbr. as in EQUA. I have been to Quito and it is absolutely a beautiful place.
Have a good day