Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday, November 10 - Dana Motley

No puzzling for me last night. After a long day on my feet at work (finishing up the remodeling on our emergency shelter) Don and I went out to dinner. I downloaded the puzzle when I came home, but a quick run-through didn't net very much. I went to bed, and now it's morning.

As of this writing, Rex hasn't posted the grid, but you can read his pre-breakfast commentary. He'll be back to finish soon. The Fiend only blogged about the NYT puzzle today, and she had more to say about it than usual. She thought it was fairly tough in spots. I thought it was very tough and would love to hear what you thought.

I'll be back with Sunday's the morning if not tonight.

Enjoy your Saturday.

Linda G


DONALD said...


wendy said...

Hated it and walked away. NO MAS, as it were.

cornbread hell said...

tough, but interesting. google is my friend.

Anonymous said...

nothing made sense; even with google, I was getting nowhere. Accidently, I ran into a blog "dannmann's nyt crossword puzzle ramblings" with the whole thing done. The answers still didn't make much sense. So I did what Wendy did, walked away. And what's that thing on the bottom? The secret password?

Linda G said...

I'm sure glad to know I'm not the only one who struggled big time.

JD, I guess you weren't around last week when I apologized for that. I had about 20 spam comments on the September 4 post, all with links to sites that looked like they might have been pretty bad. I'm going to leave the word verification up for another week and see what happens when I remove it. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

Anonymous said...

The word verification is no big deal if it prevents (fill in your own description of dirty verminous scum) from spamming you.